GrapeCity Blog - Aggiungi le immagini collegate in Excel XLSX utilizzando C# .NET e Java

Utilizzare l'API GcExcel per utilizzare le immagini collegate a livello di programmazione.
Novembre 01, 2022 - 18:25
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GrapeCity Documents for Excel, .NET Edition is a high-speed, small-footprint spreadsheet API that requires no dependencies on Microsoft Excel. With full .NET support, you can generate, load, modify, and convert spreadsheets in Microsoft .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono and Xamarin. Apps using the spreadsheet API can be deployed to cloud, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, or Linux.

In this blog post, GrapeCity's Paarisha Rana takes you through a use-case scenario for dynamically generating a summary report for a board meeting based on data in several individual reports. Doing this correctly involves:

  • Understanding the Linked Picture API in GcExcel
  • Adding Linked Picture for a Chart
  • Adding Linked Picture for a Pivot Table
  • Adding a Linked Picture for a Range

Read the complete GrapeCIty blog now to learn how to keep your Excel images updated based on the most recent data.

Add Linked Pictures in Excel.

GrapeCity Documents for Excel, .NET Edition

API di foglio di calcolo Excel ad alta velocità per .NET.

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