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Aggiunge il supporto per la generazione di codice Componenti Web.
Novembre 04, 2022 - 14:40
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  • Web Components Code Generation
    • The family of supported frameworks has been expanded to include Web Components. Now you can both download or upload your Web Components application to GitHub.
  • Figma design tool support
    • Added new Figma Material Light UI kit maps to the Ignite UI for Angular, Blazor and Web Components UI toolset.
    • You now get a robust set of components, patterns, styling, and customization options, enabling you to import prototypes or any type of screen designed in Figma and transform it into clean code. All static designs become interactive, responsive apps with real UI components, branding, and styling - in a single click.
    • The Figma UI kit adds new controls, components and quality improvements, including:
      • Accordion.
      • Avatar.
      • Badge.
      • Banner.
      • Button.
      • Button Group.
      • Calendar.
      • Card.
      • Carousel.
      • Charts - Category and Pie Chart.
      • Checkbox.
      • Chip and Chips Area.
      • Combo.
      • Date Picker.
      • Dialog.
      • Divider.
      • Drop Down.
      • Expansion Panel.
      • Gauges - Linear and Radial Gauge.
      • Grids - Data Grid, Tree Grid, Hierarchical Grid, Pivot Grid.
      • Hyperlink.
      • Icon.
      • Input.
      • List.
      • Navigation Drawer.
      • Progress Bar.
      • Radio Group.
      • Select.
      • Slider.
      • Snackbar.
      • Splitter.
      • Stepper.
      • Switch.
      • Tabs.
      • Text Area.
      • Time Picker.
      • Toast.
      • Tree.
      • Tooltip.
  • Rating Component
    • Added new Ignite UI Rating component which allows your end-users to select a rating value from a group of visual symbols such as stars. The Rating component is often used to provide insight regarding the opinions and experiences of users for products and services they may have used or purchased.
  • Tab Layout Component
    • Added new Ignite UI Tabs component which is used to organize or switch between similar data sets.
  • Added the ability to share a public link to preview your app.
  • Added new features for Grid component (Blazor).
  • Added TreeGrid component for Blazor and Web Components code generation.
  • Angular apps are now generated using Ignite UI for Angular ~14.1.1.
Web Components code generation

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