Infragistics Ignite UI for Web Components 22.2

Aggiunge i nuovi componenti Input DataOra, Griglia dati e Dialogo.
Novembre 04, 2022 - 14:41
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Web Components Data Grid

  • Added new Data Grid component used for displaying data in a tabular format. The Data Grid is a modern grid component packed with features such as data editing, selection, filtering, sorting, grouping, pinning, paging, templating, column moving, exporting and more.
  • The new Data Grid has significantly more features than the previous grid shipped in Ignite UI for Web Components, a richer API, and built-in theming.
  • This new Data Grid which will be replacing the existing Web Components Data Grid. This means that if you are using the previous Web Components Data Grid, you’ll need to update the old grid with this new one.

Web Components Tree Grid

  • Added new Tree Grid component used to visualize multi-column self-referential hierarchical data in a tabular format.
  • Built on top of the existing Data Grid component, the Tree Grid inherits all the Data Grid’s features, providing a familiar API and a seamless development experience for editing, filtering, sorting, summaries, and more.

Web Components Accordion

  • Added new Web Components Accordion component used for building a collection of components, composed as vertically stacked panels, with clickable headers that allow expanding and collapsing of the panels.
  • The accordion is commonly used to reduce the need of scrolling across multiple sections of content on a single page.
  • It offers keyboard navigation and an API to control the underlying panels' expansion state.

Web Components DateTime Input

  • Added new Ignite UI for Web Components DateTime Input component which allows the user to set and edit the date and time in a chosen input element.
  • The user can edit both date and time portions using an editable masked input.
  • Additionally, one can specify a desired display and input format, as well as min and max values to utilize validation.

Web Components Dialog

  • Added new Web Components Dialog component which is used to display alerts, messages, questions, confirmation decisions, or present forms to collect input from users.
  • The Dialog component opens a dialog window centered on top of the application content. The Dialog component opens in two different modes: modal and non-modal.
    • Modal dialogs block interaction with the content outside the dialog and behind the dialog’s overlay.
    • Non-modal dialogs allow users to interact with content outside of the dialog and behind the dialog’s overlay which will automatically close the dialog.

Web Components Select

  • Added new Web Components Select component which allows a single selection from a list of items, placed in a dropdown.
  • This form control offers a quick items list navigation, including selection, based on a single or multiple characters match.
  • The Select component provides the ability to define a custom header and footer, as well as group the select items.

Web Components Tabs

  • Added new Web Components Tabs component which organizes content into separate views (tabs) where only one view (tab) can be visible at a time.
  • Each tab has a label which is shown in the tab’s header. Changing tabs is done by clicking a tab’s header. When the number of tab headers exceeds the width of the screen, a set of horizontal scroll buttons are shown to scroll the other tab headers into view.

Chart Improvements

  • Automatic responsive layouts for horizontal label rotation based on browser / screen size.
  • Automatic crosshair, animations and Y-Axis labels and label formatting.
  • Enhanced rendering for rounded labels on all platforms.
  • New API for Grouping, Sorting and Summarizing Category string and numeric values, eliminating the need to pre-aggregate or calculate chart data.
Web Components Dialog

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