Help & Manual 9.1.0 Build 6440

Migliora la gestione della memoria durante l'importazione di grandi blocchi di file HTML.
Aprile 11, 2023 - 15:45
Nuova versione


  • Insert Link Dialog: Added a new checkbox that indicates whether the link points to the current topic. Ticking the checkbox (if unchecked) changes to the current topic.
  • Insert Table dialog: Checkbox has been added to tick all border sides of selected cells at once.
  • Save Picture Dialog: The automatic unique file name suggestion (save as “clipXXXX.png”) now includes the username and computer name into the suggested file name, if a project is under version control. With version control, it is otherwise very likely to generate identical file names on different computers.
  • Publishing tasks: In the Variables tab, import/export buttons for publishing variables have been re-implemented.
  • Export dialog: The number of recently used skins is now limited to 15. The list was (unintentionally) not limited.
  • Import: Improved memory management when importing large chunks of HTML files.
  • eWriter Export: The updated eViewer.exe version 3.4 is now included. When creating an .EXE file, the output file is created in the Microsoft Windows temp folder first, then customized, then copied to the destination, to avoid interference with Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and AV program interruptions.
  • DeepL Plugin: Korean and Norwegian translation has been added.
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