SQL Compliance Manager v6.0

Aggiunge il supporto per Amazon RDS per controllare i server, i database, i dati sensibili e le attività.
Aprile 21, 2023
Nuova versione


Cloud Support Enhancements

  • New SQL CM Cloud Agent - Extended the capabilities of the current SQL CM Agent to support remote auditing of Microsoft SQL servers on EC2. Allowing users to add SQL Servers, active on the share network location, to write/read data and support DBaaS SQL Server Instances. The Cloud Agent consists of the same behavior and functionality as the current SQL Agent, but the RDS agent is a separate agent deployed into the cloud with its own configuration auditing settings.
  • Added support for Amazon RDS - Added support for Amazon RDS to audit servers, databases, Sensitive Data and Activities while alerting and reporting on them. Users can select Amazon RDS as their Server Type when adding a new server in the Specify SQL Server configuration window. According to the selection, SQL CM asks to Specify Connection Credentials for the authentication, and once registered, users can begin auditing the database activity on that server.
  • Storage account for SQL CM on Cloud - You can now create storage accounts to place its components within AWS. In Amazon RDS, users can audit Microsoft SQL Server databases using the built-in SQL Server auditing mechanism.

Performance Enhancements

  • Improvements to the Event Collection method - SQL Compliance Manager Event Collection Method Capture Default Setting now changes to "SQL Server Audit Specifications". All audit logs for 'DML and Select Activities' are now captured and filtered properly both for the existing CM architecture and the cloud support platform.
SQL Compliance Manager

SQL Compliance Manager

Monitora, controlla e avvisa in merito all'attività dell'utente SQL e alle modifiche ai dati.

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