AdminStudio 2023

Aggiunge il supporto per le macchine virtuali di Azure per la nuova creazione dei pacchetti e la conversione.
Giugno 16, 2023
Nuova versione


  • Getting Started Tab of the Application Manager
    • In Application Manager, a new Getting Started tab has been added, providing information about the capabilities/features available in AdminStudio.
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines for Repackaging / Conversion
    • You can now connect to Azure VMs in the Automated Application Converter Tool for repackaging and conversion.
  • PS1 Wrapping Improvements
    • Convert PS1 Packages to Intunewin Format - With this update, you can now convert PS1 packages to an Intunewin package using the Conversion Wizard and then publish them to Microsoft Intune.
    • Custom Naming of Microsoft PowerShell Script File in PowerShell Wrapping Options Panel - You can now specify the custom name for the wrapped PowerShell Script File. The script file name will default be displayed as Deploy-Application.ps1.
    • Leverage Package Extended Attributes in the PS1 Script Template - You can now add the package extended attributes as variables to the PS1 script template. While wrapping a package to PS1 script, the values of the extended attributes of the package will be set to the variables in the output PS1 script.
  • Insights into the Embedded Installer of an Intunewin Package
    • A new Bundled Packages tab has been introduced in the Home Deployment Type View for the Intunewin package. In the Bundled Packages tab, you can view the details of the installer embedded within an Intunewin package.
  • User Interface Improvements
    • This update presents Application Manager and MSIX Editor with a new, refreshed, and modern user interface. The overall layout, menu options, and their placement in the user interface remain the same throughout.
  • Support for Microsoft ConfigMgr 2211 and 2303
    • You can now distribute the following deployment types to ConfigMgr 2211 and 2303:
      • Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI).
      • MSIX Package.
      • Legacy installer (EXE).
      • PowerShell wrapped packages (PS1).
      • Microsoft App-V (4.x and 5.0).
      • Apple iOS (binary file and public store).
      • Google Android (binary file and public store).
  • InstallShield 2022 R2
    • This release now includes InstallShield 2022 R2, that has the following new features and enhancements:
      • Added support for creating, editing, upgrading, and building projects in Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.
      • Added the ability to Specify Additional Parameters on the Microsoft Windows Package Manager Tab of the Prerequisite Editor.
      • Added new ARM and ARM64 options to the Prerequisite Condition Dialog Box.
      • Added new /update Setup.exe command-line parameter.
      • Added new setting on Build tab to support passive installation.
Connect to Azure VMs in the Automated Application Converter Tool

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