DevExpress Reporting 23.1.5

Migliora Visualizzatore documenti e Analizzatore di progettazione report.
Settembre 5, 2023
Nuova versione



  • CreateDocument - Performance degradation occurs while sorting a large report by a nested calculated field.
  • Document Viewer - NullReferenceException exception occurs while using Cached Report Source Builder on Microsoft Azure.
  • Fetch API - OnServerError is not called for all erroneous response status codes.
  • Report Designer Analyzer - A false positive XRE023 when XRCrossTab parameters are used.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer:
    • Impossible to bind a predefined report template to a stored procedure.
    • The Filter Editor dialog crashes the IDE.
  • Web Document Viewer:
    • Errors occur when closing a document during the printing or exporting process.
    • Implement a batch solution for initializing parameter values.
    • Incorrect selection of highlighting in Date Ranger Editor.
    • The download link in the print notification dialog does not work in Safari (Apple iPhone / iPad).
  • Web Report Designer - Scrolling issues in the "Field List" Pane when using the Material Theme.
  • XPObjectSource - Datasource error is thrown on previewing a report with subreports.
  • XRCrossTab and XRPivotGrid - DevExpress.Data.PivotGrid.PivotErrorValue is written to VisualBrick.TextValue during document generation.
  • XRPictureBox - Incorrect image is displayed in a picture box control if a complex expression that returns a Base64 string is assigned to the ImageSource property.

Reporting for WPF

  • DocumentPreviewControl shows an empty window when certain themes are used.
  • End-User Report Designer - Property Grid - It is not possible to set Font for multiple XRControls with different fonts.
  • It is impossible to open a report in Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer if the GenerateAssemblyInfo parameter is set to "False".
  • Report Designer:
    • "Manage Queries" dialog doesn't show query-related buttons.
    • Rendering issues occur when using Lightweight Themes.
  • OutOfMemoryException when printing a report with XRPdfContent.
  • ResourceReferenceKeyNotFoundException is thrown when a report is exported to PDF.
  • WPF - XRPivotGrid Designer - BarItemLinkInfos have small widths.

Reporting for ASP.NET Core

  • Web Report Designer: The "Save As" dialog appears when saving a report opened from storage.

Reporting for WinForms

  • Accessibility:
    • Export Options Dialog - Support the capability to change item selection on pressing the Tab button.
    • Header and Footer Dialog - Support the capability to change item selection on pressing the Tab button.
  • Chart / Report - NullReferenceException is thrown if the application uses a DXFont object from a resource file.
  • End-User Report Designer:
    • Property Grid - It is not possible to set Font for multiple XRControls with different fonts.
    • Scripts editor - Strings are translated incorrectly in the German localization.
  • Report Designer - NotImplementedException is thrown when copying XRPictureBox.
  • Report Print Preview - The scrollbar overlaps the find panel's controls.
  • SVG image with an embedded bitmap is not applied to a report picture watermark.
  • The date range parameter's editor is scaled incorrectly even when the SetPerMonitorDpiAware method is invoked.
  • The XtraReport.SaveLayout method doesn't save subreports embedded in the current report.
DevExpress Reporting

DevExpress Reporting

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