SQL Elements released

Discover, track and manage your SQL Server environment.
Febbraio 06, 2014 - 11:27
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SQL Elements provides information to help you keep track of and manage your database environment. It gives a broad enterprise-wide view of all your SQL Servers through automated discovery as well as simple, actionable information about the state of the environment. View core information such as how many databases exist, whether they are being backed up, plus basic availability monitoring and notification so you can take action as needed.


  • View Inventory - Dashboard view provides high-level visibility of server inventory to better understand which servers are improperly managed.
  • Continuous Server Discovery - SQL Elements performs routine daily scans across the network to find newly added servers and databases.
  • Availability Alerting - Subscribe to simple email alerts so you know about problems before your users do.
  • Health Checks and Action Items - SQL Elements performs daily health checks to gauge performance and adherence to best practices.
  • Lightweight Architecture - Agent-less, low impact design offers download, install and use in under 5 minutes.
  • Views and Topology - Filter on individual servers for insights on what is being used and what resources are being utilized.
  • Tags and Annotation - Once server inventory is discovered, create tags to organize SQL Servers by owner, location, function or other categories.
  • Lightweight Web Framework - Stand-alone Web application; no need for IIS.
  • Scalable - Designed to support entire environment.

About Idera

Idera creates application and server management software for physical and virtual server platforms. They produce award-winning solutions for server backup, SQL Server administration, performance monitoring, recovery, security and compliance. More than 12,000 customers around the world, including many Fortune 1,000 enterprises and government agencies, rely on Idera products to keep their data backed up and protected and their servers optimized for performance.

SQL Server Health Check.

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