HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint released

Web analytics for SharePoint sites and portals.
Marzo 7, 2014
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HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint provides detailed information on the performance of SharePoint portals and Websites. It includes several reports including user activity, page visit dynamics, site usage, document creation and usage, lists and list item usage and search usage. HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint offers real time reporting, drill down and cross-linked reports, Active Directory integration and departmental reporting. It is fast and easy to deploy and integrates seamlessly without any content modification.


  • Real-time reporting.
  • Report data can be easily configured and published.
  • Active Directory integration and departmental reporting.
  • Drill down and cross-linked reports.
  • User behavior data including creation and modification of items, page views and document views.
  • No additional loading of SharePoint Servers.

About HarePoint

In 2008 HarePoint began developing products for Microsoft SharePoint to help make life easier for SharePoint users. Their leading products are Analytics for SharePoint, Workflow Extensions for SharePoint and HelpDesk for SharePoint. They also provide a number of web-parts for SharePoint administration.

SharePoint analytics dashboard.

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