Altova XMLSpy Enterprise XML Editor 2021 Release 2

Released: Mar 4, 2021

Aggiornamenti in 2021 Release 2


  • Completely New XML Grid View
    • Grid View has received a complete update to add new functionality that makes it even easier to work with XML in a graphical view. Rows and columns in the table can now be flipped to rearrange the display of the document to make it even more human-readable.
    • Viewing Base-64 images as graphics - The new XML Grid View supports automatic viewing of images, including PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG and animated GIFs - which is not possible in a text view. You can even copy an image directly from an image editor and paste it into XML Grid View.
    • Drag & Drop Editing - In addition to editing content manually, XML Grid View lets the developer manipulate the document using drag-and-drop, this is even easier now as Grid View will indicate the content (i.e., entire elements or just cell content) and its destination as you drag it. You can also duplicate content using Ctrl+Drag.
    • Filters - The new XML Grid View lets you take advantage of XPath and XQuery to filter and process data directly in the view.
      • A filter applied to a node makes it possible to filter descendants of the node based on criteria that you define to reduce the amount of visible information in view, allowing you to zero-in on the content that is relevant to the task at hand.
      • The right-click context menu helps you get started creating filters quickly – when you select the Filter to Focus option, a filter is automatically created to display the selected node. Then, if desired, you can expand the filter to include exactly the required criteria.
      • Filters can be toggled on/off and are saved as metadata outside of XML documents, which allows you to see filtered data even after closing and reopening documents - without actually changing the document structure.
    • Formulas - Formulas composed with XQuery 3.1 can now be used to calculate a result or generate a nodeset that can be stored in the document.
    • Adding content from external applications - XML Grid View makes it easy to update your XML document quickly by copying and pasting (or dragging) content from a variety of sources, you can paste in XML from a text editor or Microsoft Visual Studio, for instance and you can even paste in content copied from Microsoft Excel.
  • Additional usability features:
    • Easy viewing of very large XML files: repeating nodes can be grouped by hundreds/thousands/tens thousands (as configured by the user).
    • Real-time validation and SmartFix error correction are now available in Grid View.
    • Zoom in and out using Ctrl-MouseWheel or Ctrl +/-.
    • Added the ability to turn off word wrap within the cell.
    • Integrated Find & Replace tools directly in the editing view (rather than in a separate dialog).
  • C# code gen for Microsoft .NET Core and .NET 5 - XMLSpy provides royalty-free code generation based on XML Schema in Java, C#, or C++. Starting with this version, developers can select .NET Core or .NET 5 as target frameworks for C# generation. This adds to existing support for .NET Framework projects.
  • Support for IBM DB2 for iSeries 7.4 - Relational database support in XMLSpy now includes the latest version of IBM DB2 for iSeries.
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.17 and 4.18.