An extremely well made product

Richard Pergament (Populum co-founder)5 stella

When beginning to research what technology we should use for PPT creation at scale in C#, I was quite disappointed that neither Microsoft had anything reliable to offer nor were there many solid alternatives out there. It all boiled down to Aspose Slides, but thankfully that was an extremely well made product.

What’s best about Aspose slides is the object representation of PPTs. If you’ve ever been automating procedures within Microsoft Office you know what I’m talking about when I’m saying that it can be quite a mess to develop and manage. But in Aspose Slides, Aspose has written an object representation of PPTs which is what we wished Microsoft would’ve done. The API is intuitive, exhaustive and accurate.

Aspose Slides has a very intuitive structure which matches our mental perception of a PPT presentation. I was able to do most of our required operations without even reading the documentation, relying on IntelliSense to discover methods and properties. A presentation has a collection of slides, which have a collection of different types of shapes. If it’s a normal square shape it has easily accessible properties such as width, height, x position, y position, etc. If the rectangle contains text you can access the text object and easily manipulate the text content.

Aspose Slides is also quite exhaustive. So far we’ve been able to do all that we want to do with slides. That includes adding slides, manipulating all content and charts, adding shapes dynamically, recoloring sections, adding transitions, etc.

Aspose Slides has been accurate. Instead of creating a template presentation completely programmatically, we instead read in a library of template slides that we’ve designed. During this process the slides completely live in Aspose’s object model, where if it wasn’t an exhaustive enough representation of a slide, we would lose important information. But so far it has managed everything we’ve thrown at it in terms of input, manipulation and then saving the results at another location. With Aspose, we’re able to do things we couldn’t do before.

At Populum, we do offer a weekly team barometer for teams in large organizations. Previously, we were only able to present team barometer results via our web site. But being able to create high quality PPT reports at scale is a game changer for us, for three reasons.

Firstly, PPT reports give our content more exposure. The corporate world has a high preference for using PowerPoint presentations in discussions. So as we’re able to neatly package and send our results in a user friendly presentation, it can be used more and is more effective. We’re able to do this with Aspose with background jobs creating our presentations at scale. This is simply not technically possible with the standard Microsoft Office intercom, as it results in deadlocks and poor performance.

Secondly, we’re able to create presentations in our customers own templates, making the packaging more familiar and trustworthy.

Thirdly, we can now easily experiment with workshop versions of our report content, because we’re communicating with PPT presentations which can easily be changed. This has a huge effect as it lets us create content which is more effective in generating improvement initiatives at our customers.