Only Aspose.Words was able to produce a result that we were happy with

PeterDenmark5 stella

We were looking for a .NET library that would meet our functionality requirements working with Microsoft Word documents from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The functionality we needed seemed rather trivial to us at first, but after having tried several commercial and non-commercial libraries, it became clear to us that the action we needed to perform wasn’t in fact all that trivial after all (loading of HTML content into Word documents, merging several documents into a Word template to produce new documents). The majority of the libraries we tried were unable to perform the action all together while a very small subset was able to do it to some extent.

Among these libraries only Aspose.Words was able to produce a result that we were happy with and that through very few intuitive lines of code. The library is well documented and there are some good online code samples to dig into as well. Besides this, the work with Aspose.Words was made nice and easy for us even before purchasing the product because of the option to acquire a temporary license. This gave us the opportunity to actually implement and test the part of our project that needed the Word document processing features provided by Aspose.Words and we were able to test and evaluate the result before even buying the product.

We have decided to purchase the product simply because there is no other like it, it was very easy to use and when we needed help we got it - We warmly recommend Aspose.Words if you need to work with Word Documents.