dbForge Studio for MySQL V9.0.435

Released: Oct 10, 2020

Aggiornamenti in V9.0.435


  • Improved metadata retrieval when dragging and dropping a table in Query Builder.
  • Improved displaying empty values for the JSON data types in Data Editor.
  • Improved retrieval of incorrect constraints in Data Editor.
  • Improved modifying the comment text when changing the letter case.
  • Improved identifying unique keys when changing the editable table in Data Editor.
  • Improved displaying object lists in Object Viewer.
  • Improved Table Editor column Not Null tag.
  • Improved renaming of queries in a Data Report.


  • Fixed error in Database Diagram when opening a .dbd file.
  • Fixed error in the View editor after closing a document.
  • Fixed error with displaying the Search (Find Objects) window when Database Explorer was absent.
  • Fixed error with copy-pasting in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error with formatting the DATETIME value in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error with rendering values in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error with the progress tab of Restore in Execute Large Script Wizard.
  • Fixed error with selecting an editable table in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error with updating objects in Query Builder.
  • Fixed error with the undoing operations for linked tables in Query Builder.
  • Fixed error working with column types for Turkish encoding.
  • Fixed error with displaying the context menu of an object in Database Diagram.
  • Fixed work of Data Import for Google Spread Sheets.
  • Fixed error with saving a procedure in Database Diagram.
  • Fixed error with reading the Google Sheets data in Data Import.
  • Fixed error of overflow when executing a SELECT query with LIMIT OFFSET.
  • Fixed bug when generating data for tables with foreign keys.
  • Fixed issue with using the documentation on case sensitive operating systems.
  • Fixed error with opening text dictionary in Data Generator.
  • Fixed error when generating a SQL Profiler document and closing Studio.
  • Fixed issue with displaying warnings as an error in Data Generator.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect generation of table columns if their names coincided with the reserved words in CRUD.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect error processing in Database Project.
  • Fixed error when analyzing index dependencies.
  • Fixed issue with notification on possible data loss in certain cases of comparing the TINYINT types.
  • Fixed issue with missed calls of user scripts when assembling a database project.
  • Fixed critical error during syntax check of CREATE ROLE.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect reading of the DEFAULT values if it was not specified as CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ().
  • Fixed issue with incorrect reading of the DEFAULT values for the JSON type.
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect character that was inserted instead of the ` character when typing Alt+96 in the SQL editor.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect behavior of syntax check feature for MODIFY keywords within the ALTER TABLE clause.
  • Fixed issue where the application failed with a fatal error when trying to compile procedures containing identifiers with digital prefixes for debugging.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect script generation within Query Builder for queries containing date and time functions.
  • Fixed issue where the 'AS NEW()' syntax was treated as invalid within INSERT statements.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect CRUD and SELECT scripts generation for tables containing columns with names matching words that are reserved.