dbForge Studio for SQL Server V6.0.560

Released: Sep 10, 2021

Aggiornamenti in V6.0.560


  • Added the ability to simultaneously connect to Microsoft Azure SQL Server with different ApplicationIDs.
  • Added the ability to connect with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through a proxy.
  • Improves behavior when linking system databases in Source Control.
  • Improved behavior with the active Paste As New Records command in Data Editor.
  • Improved behavior of active control when changing the current database and executing the query in SQL Document.


  • Fixed unexpected exception when selecting Style in Documenter on Azure connection.
  • Fixed unexpected exception when changing a database on the connection.
  • Fixed error during the data export to an Excel file.
  • Fixed unexpected exception with the filter in Documenter.
  • Fixed error during the data export through ODBC.
  • During data import, the values from default constraints for the columns of the target table were ignored.
  • Fixed error during the data generation for the tables with composite primary keys.
  • Fixed error with the integration of several add-ins.
  • Fixed error with updating a document in Source Control.
  • Fixed error with getting a list of schemas on the SqlServer 2000.
  • Fixed error with getting a list of files in the Browse for Folder window.
  • Fixed error with canceling the operation in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error with changing databases on the SQL Server connection.
  • Fixed error with editing data for the selection from tables of different schemas in Data Editor.
  • Fixed typos in the Filter window of Data Editor.
  • Fixed error with closing a parallel connection in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error when executing the Go To Definition command to a remote connection to the server.
  • Fixed coloring of cells with the NULL values in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error when completing the procedure with parameters in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error when executing a query with parameters of the Date type in Paginal Mode in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error with specifying an incorrect value in the Filter window in Data Editor.
  • Fixed error with updating transaction operations in a SQL Document.
  • Fixed error with closing wizards when getting a list of databases.
  • Fixed generation of a DDL trigger when executing a command from Database Explorer.
  • Fixed description of the column in Database Explorer.
  • Fixed issue with deploying a tSQLt framework on the Azure SQL database.
  • Fixed invalid response to syntax check.
  • Fixed issue with saving changes in the procedure to the server.
  • Fixed error with closing SQL documents.
  • Fixed error with updating a table.
  • Fixed bug when scrolling the drop-down list with the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed incorrect change of a query when updating it in Query Builder.
  • Fixed bug when launching Data Compare from the command line.
  • Fixed processing of the Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C shortcuts in Data Viewer.
  • Fixed bug with Commit in Source Control.
  • Fixed errors in the synchronization script in Schema Compare.
  • Fixed bug when deleting a column in the table editor.
  • Fixed handling of CTRL + 0 on the numeric keyboard.
  • Fixed error with synchronizing Extended Properties for views.