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Rogelio Vargas Messico5 stella

Excelente producto.

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Anonimo3 stella
I was initially flabbergasted at the massive quantity of controls included in the package and was very excited to begin using them in my Windows Forms and ASP.NET projects. However, once I had made my... Per saperne di più
h.kammererGermany5 stella

DevExpress delivers the best collection for Winform components. Apart from a few missing functions (and naturally a few bugs) the collection is complete, the documentation clear and detailed. It contains many examples, which show you the many ways it can be used. The support and newsgroups are helpful as well, with (mostly, but not always) fast replies from DevExpress or other users. Especially when comparing the collection with competing products, no other manufacturer comes anywhere close to this quality. Only the ASP.NET components are not complete yet. The most important GUI elements (Grid and general editors) have not been converted to the new concept yet and the old Grid component is not particularly good. But I am sure that the next version will also be excellent. Up until now DevExpress has always managed to release a small update in an approx. 4 week cycle, as well as large updates with new features 3-4 times a year. Have fun with it, Holger

steve.sharkeyUnited Kingdom5 stella
I've given this full stars now - with the proviso that I'm still waiting on better help but felt I should give an update on the support side of things. It appears to have been a little hiccup I was suffering from because I've since had nothing but excellent fast responsive support from their support staff. Steve Sharkey Technical Director FirmVisual Ltd
steve.sharkeyUnited Kingdom4 stella
I'd really like to give it 5 stars and can probably upgrade it to 5 stars with just a little extra attention... So what's good? The components themselves are very nice to use and there appears to be plenty of depth behind them too. I was looking at upgrading our current suite of components but for 90% of our projects the DevExpress Professional .NET suite has it all - and at a fraction of the cost of upgrading to the latest versions of our existing suites (Crystal reports, Infragistics, Steema Graphs, contour cube). Like I say this suite may not have the absolute power as some of those in their chosen field but for 90% of our requirements they provide it all. And what lets it down? I'm afraid like many components these days their help files are somewhat lacking. There is hope however as the coverage appears to be based on the age of the components so with the passage of time the newer components help files may get updated and improved (specifically: XtraLayoutControl suite and XtraCharts). There appears to be a worrying trend towards what appears like automatically generated helpfiles that give volume at the expense of helpful content. Where detailed technical help is provided there is no contextual sample code. And providing a sample application is not really sufficient because I have rarely seen a realistic sample app that does things the way a production application would. The main omissions here I feel is the getting started type tutorial and the task based help. Having said that as I suggested before this appears to be something they have in common with many other component suppliers (I was very disappointed at the .NET help for Contour Cube having been an enthusiastic supporter of their excellent ocx version and also of the dramatic reduction in quality of help that comes with the Infragistics suite.) And finally.... They really aren't very responsive when it comes to emails. On average emails have taken 48 hours to be responded to which in the fast paced development cycle we work in is very limiting. Having finally ordered the product yesterday I find I can't yet install the purchased product because I have not yet received my registration details from ComponentSource. Steve Sharkey Technical Director FirmVisual Ltd
lbGURUUSA5 stella
I have had a great experience with this company. The components are of great quality and the support is excellent. I wish they could get someone dedicated on the weekend or some live chat support, but you cannot complain. The support you do get is timely and very in depth with even sample projects sometimes.
tomUnited Kingdom5 stella
I've used DevExpress WinForms suite for 2.5 years after evaluating 8 grids. Excellent fast products, and excellent support. I use the DXperience Enterprise (Visual Studio 6 and .NET) Subscription that gives you access to full source code, which isn't listed at componentsource - or at least I couldn't find it.”
sunitjoshiUSA4 stella
I have played with XtraGrid, XtraPrinting & XtrReports so far and the impression so far has been pretty good. Their support is also fair and responds quickly.