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sogunde Regno Unito5 stella

Online help docs and offline help (integrated into Help Viewer) are both great with lots of examples. The support site is also fantastic. In my case, the support team has always responded within 24hrs... Per saperne di più

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Nome rifiutato Italia3 stella

Buon prodotto ma troppo "pesante" sia come risorse che come file da distribuire e gestire.

Anonimo5 stella

The whole set of components and the overall experience is really well thought, starting from the first approach to the new project templates. Also the documentation available is really good at explaining all the various options and customization options.

stevegoeringUT, USA5 stella
Not only do you get more state of the controls, than any other company, you get unprecedented tech support. I rarely write reviews but after working with this company for over a year they deserve this. Their website has tons of answered questions that usually cover most tech support needs, however if you can’t find the solution you’re looking for and you need personal help... they go above and beyond to help you, they will make sure your issue is resolved if it means writing a fully functional example. I can’t say enough about the support, not only have they taught me details on the use of their controls but they have expanded my programming skills and made me a better programmer through examples, online discussions, and webinars. For that reason alone I’m 100% satisfied we switched DevEx, throw in the controls and it’s a no-brainer. We used to use a combination of controls from various companies now we just use DevEx exclusively for everything. The controls themselves have some learning curves to climb but once you understand them you will be satisfied and amazed and your software will look and behave professionally. The only negative I can think of is some of the larger controls (rich text editor for example with spelling enabled) takes a couple seconds longer than expected to instantiate. However I’m sure they will trim that down on future releases. I am a very pleased to say the least. Thanks DevEx
preetham_reddycAZ, USA5 stella
Take my word... DXperience Suite is one of the best ASP.NET Suite of controls I've ever worked with... Hands down... No Competition... I have been using DevExpress controls over the past few months and am pleasantly surprised with the quality of their controls... I love XPO and XAF... I played with lot of ORM frameworks before XPO. Although most of them have their advantages, XPO is very simple to learn, has excellent documentation and has fantastic support from CodeRush.... If you master code rush short cut keys for XPO, developing data driven application will be a breeze... It's very intuitive and supports DDD. If you want to develop business applications, XAF can cut down development time by 80%... Seriously, try it. You will never look back. The soon to be released Domain Component Technology (In BETA now) for XAF and pure XPO will be invaluable to developers... I started playing with it and loving every bit of it...
heabrams cliente verificatoGA, USA5 stella
I have now been using DXexperience for several months. I remain astounded at the amount of effort the publisher has put into this product, and despite the significant cost it still seems to me an exceptional buy. E-mail help continues to be superb, and the improved (if sometimes overly-complex) controls work brilliantly. The company provides periodic videos explaining the underlying programming philosophy, and these videos are useful (not so much for the product itself but rather as general programming advice). The rtf text box with spell checker works nicely and they together are worth half the price of the entire set. Install dependencies are well set out, easing the effort of crafting an installer for your project. Despite the considerable time needed to understand how the components works, DXexperience is really an exceptional product. I have changed my rating to 5 stars.
habrams cliente verificatoUSA5 stella
There is a great deal to like about this product. In particular, the developers have not been shy about adding specialized editors and dialogs to make customization friendly. The company provides very high quality video lessons to demonstrate the use of the various components. Attention to detail shows in every aspect of the product. However, there are two problems that will cause you to pull out your hair. First, the written documention (in pdf format) runs to more than 3,000 pages, and documentation that is too long (like documentation that is too short) is essentially worthless. The chm help file is much better because the hyperlinks, contents, and index make is useable. Second, the improved verions of the standard windows components are not derived from the standard versions. If they were, then they would be drop-in replacements offering extensions that could be used when desired. Instead, you must learn a new api, new (and incompatible) variable types, and sometimes very different underlying philosophies to use the improved (i.e., better but very different) components. By starting from scratch rather than using derived classes, the developers have lost much of the benefit object-oriented modern languages provide and they waste my (and your) human capital. For a product that is otherwise so complete and well thought out, this is to my mind a remarkable blunder at the highest level. There are in addition a few minor quibbles such as the failure to provde a standard menu bar, hiding glyphs in deeply nested folders, and the occasional misnaming of properties (such as "show columns" actually means show column headers). Still, and despite my misgivings, a remarkable product worth the significant cash investment despite demanding too much investment of time. E-mail technical support is very good. Almost all documentation includes examples in both c# and visual basic.
timUnited Kingdom3 stella
Great suite of controls - used for several years now, But the help and support so severely lacking its almost useless. I use CSLA.NET so binding to ILists is important for me and most of the examples bind to a dataset (who uses datasets in serious application development anyway). Hours and hours of searching through KB articles and forums are sometimes required to find information and then you give up and spend hours and hours using test harnesses. You cannot seem to be able to control databinding in anyway. Why can't dev express have an attribute that can be applied to prevent binding on a given property (they may already have it but the help and support is so poor I've never been able to find it). The help and examples stop short at anything more than a simple desktop application - anything involving N-Tiers and your on your own, Must be a serious market for a decent book to be written on this suite. In summation any product is only as good as its help and support so I can only give three stars - a shame for an otherwise excellent product.
Johnson_ForrestUSA5 stella
Our small company decided to go with DevExpress because of their reputation and solid products, and I must say am I glad we did. We initially only needed a few components in their suite, but as our requirements changed and we needed more, it was sure nice to be able to get matching components without having to go to another company. They have it all! Also, I've felt the documentation to be fair for the components we've used. There online support system is top notch too. Questions are usually addressed within a day.
sistemassagamColombia5 stella
Developer Express has the best .NET components. In my opinion their products are the best on the market. The ease of development in design time is amazing!
brandnewxCambodia5 stella
DXPerience for Winforms is just awesome! It contains a shipload of pretty-looking professional controls that has tons and tons of features. The layout controls save me hours manual aligning, resizing and positioning of controls. Now the controls just snap right in the way they should be with much less effort. The grid controls have all capabilities you can imagine: Master-detail relationship, pivot, sorting, filtering, advance filtering, grouping, data validation, formatting rule, layout backup/restoration, inline editor, linq support, and many more. The grids support several innovative view modes including the standard grid view, banded grid view, card view and layout view. In addition to layout and grid controls, DXPerience has almost all the editor controls in the world: text, rich text, number, percentage, mask, font, color, etc. Now my users can enter data in many forms that you like. Have I talked about the printing system and reporting? This is the best part. The printing system is so robust that it can instantly print WinForm controls and DXperience controls in addition to the DXperience's report format. It is so full-featured that I print anything I want whether it's formatted text, table, image, barcode or .NET controls, yet it's surprisingly easy to use.
ckorthUSA5 stella
I have been using the win form controls for many years and could not live without them. The grid is great and I use most of the other win controls exclusively on all my projects. For the winforms controls I would give it 5 stars and have always recommended the package to other developers On the other hand I would rank the other aspects of the DXExperience as follows DXexperience - 10 stars. Great product! ASPexperience - 1 star. Simply atrocious and cannot keep VS2008 running when adding their controls to any form with a master page. Only control I found stable was the menu. CodeRush - 3 stars. Worked great until VS2008. Now causes VS2008 to become sluggish. Also cannot seem to turn it on and off on the fly. Had to uninstall RefactorPro - 3 stars. Same problem as CodeRush xPressApp - 0 stars. Couldn't figure out what to use it for. Lacking sufficient documentation and ideas All of my criticisms regarding this product probably stem for one significant fact about developer express. No matter how good your product is, if you can't adequately explain how to use it in your documentation, then you may as well hang it up. They have a long tradition of having the absolute worse documentation I have ever seen in a product that basically costs over a thousand dollars and then hundreds each year for the subscription renewal. I applaud them for their frequent updates to their controls, but they need a complete overhaul of their documentation. Some real world concepts would be great. So with all these complaints why do I renew each year? (have been using the grid since it was a standalone in 2002) Because the winform capabilites are so superior to anything else out there so it justifies the cost. And each year I send them an email complaining about their documentation along with my renewal. :-)