Qodana 2024.1

Released: Apr 16, 2024

Aggiornamenti in 2024.1


  • Added the FlexInspect feature which lets you develop your own inspections from scratch using IntelliJ IDEA. Currently, the feature supports Java, Kotlin, JS, TypeScript, PHP, Go, Python, Ruby, SQL, XML, CSS, YAML, JSON, SHELL, DOCKERFILE, and MARKDOWN.
  • Qodana configuration settings can now be contained in any YAML-formatted file. This is available across all Qodana linters.
  • Incremental analysis of changes is now supported by all linters except Qodana Community for .NET.
  • The license audit feature is now enabled by default in the Qodana for JVM, Qodana for PHP, Qodana for JS, Qodana for Python, Qodana for Go, and Qodana for .NET linters.