UltraEdit All Access - includes UltraCompare v2024.0

Released: May 15, 2024

Aggiornamenti in UltraCompare v2024.0


  • Added support for cloud storage services. Use the UltraCompare dialog as a hub to search all your files from any supported cloud service:
    • Google Drive.
    • Microsoft OneDrive.
    • Amazon S3.
    • Dropbox.
    • Access and edit files from all your cloud storage services.
  • Patch compatible output
    • Added a "Patch file format" setting in Configuration->Backup & Save.
    • Added a "Save Result Report" command to output a patch file.
    • You can now use a command line patch utility to patch files in place.


  • Issues with display of accented Unicode characters.
  • FTP Account Manager doesn't honor selected account.
  • FTP Account Manager doesn't automatically open to selected account.
  • Long code sequence breaks syntax highlighting, following text highlighted as string.
  • Strings are clipped in themed configuration dialog.
  • Text cleanups and misspellings.
  • TAB key has no effect in text compares.
  • Modified key mapping doesn't work as expected in UCX 2023.0.030.
  • Impossible to scroll to bottom of listing when "Hide same folders" is selected.
  • "Explore first folder" and "Explore second folder" context menu options always subdued.
  • PDF compare: Erroneous prompt is shown to switch to binary mode for empty PDFs.
  • Difference text background colors are not set for themes by default.
  • Confirmation prompt is not shown before merging unique file from one folder to the other.
  • Active difference flashes repeatedly.