Syncfusion Essential 2014 Vol 3 released

Deploy Predictive Analytics solutions within .NET applications.
11월 11, 2014 - 10:45
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Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition lets you create rich applications that integrate business intelligence analysis and reporting with ease. It includes software components that enable developers to produce quality software for the most demanding of environments. It includes all the tools and libraries that are produced by Syncfusion in one package.

Updates in 2014 Vol 3

  • Predictive Analytics - Execute PMML models and provide real-time results from within your .NET applications without any third party dependencies.
  • JavaScript - Diagram control connectors can be edited and diagrams can be localized for any region and exported as an image. Gantt control updates include schedule modes, segment spacing and drag-and-drop connector line editing.
  • New LightSwitch HTML Controls - Includes a rich selection of controls including the data grid, chart, maps, treemaps, gauges, textboxes, date picker and time picker.
  • ASP.NET and MVC - New ReportViewer control enables users to print, view and export MVC reports in HTML 5.
  • WPF - OLAP Grid users can drill through grid items for detailed information and OLAP Client menus can be docked to the sides of the screen for a better view.
  • Windows Forms - Five new controls have been added including BulletGraph, MultiSelectionCombobox, PivotChart, ToggleButton and TreeNavigator.
  • WinRT - New innovative Ribbon control makes it easy to create custom applications for touchscreen devices.
  • Xamarin - A new suite of controls for Xamarin.Forms including charts, gauges, treemaps and file-format manipulation components.

About Syncfusion

Syncfusion Founded by industry experts in 2001, Syncfusion provides a broad range of enterprise-class software components and tools for the Microsoft .NET platform. Their award-winning .NET components and controls are designed to meet evolving development needs, whether working in Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC or Silverlight. Syncfusion strive for excellence in order to offer the very best value to customers - from small ISVs to Fortune 100 companies.

Sample applications written using Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Windows Phone

A comprehensive suite of 30+ user interface controls for Windows Phone development.

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