AlchemyJ v4.x

Excel Models을 API로 전환.
6월 17, 2020 - 10:09
신규 버전


  • Adds a new testing tool to help modelers test the API in AlchemyJ Studio and in the generated API with the same set of test cases.
  • Automatically generates OpenAPI documentation for your API (Swagger).
  • You can now merge the work (workbook) from multiple developers into one API.
  • Adds Microsoft SQL support.
  • Improvements:
    • Added 130+ more supported Microsoft Excel functions.
    • Added 12 new AlchemyJ functions.
    • Model API input and output without the need to understand JSON. No more JSON path.
    • Simplified templates.
    • API Inspector can now be set up in a workbook instead of modifying a JSON file.
    • Access control of REST API can now be down to request level.
  • Generating a REST API in debug mode will automatically activate the API Inspector settings.
  • Checks the existence of license key in the beginning of API generation.
  • Supports Maven server proxy setting.
  • CRUD AlchemyJ functions such as ajCreateRec can handle boolean type. It automatically changes TRUE/FALSE in Excel to 1/0 in database.
  • Added a validation rule to check whether class name in Java API and endpoint group in REST API is empty.
  • Added a validation rule to detect configuration error in REST response object schema.
  • Automatically create the API Inspector JSON file when the API is built using debug mode.


  • Having a table name in data relationship schema with only one upper case letter would generate validation error.
  • The testing tool executed some of the test cases which did not match the filter criteria.
  • When a function point was run, the response dialog box would not show up if the return object had no value. This was fixed by changing it to show an empty JSON "{}".
  • ajCheckDataItem returned a wrong value for an integer type which has a 0 or 1 as its allowable values.
  • Fixed several log level related errors.
  • Example value in OpenAPI documentation was messed up when the string value list contained multiple items.
  • Fixed Test Module where only one case is run when the test is run on API.


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