Syncfusion Essential Studio for Blazor 2022 Volume 3

AppBar, 플로트 액션 버튼, 메시지, 스켈레톤 및 스피드 다이얼 등 5가지 새로운 컨트롤을 추가합니다.
9월 30, 2022 - 17:09
신규 버전


  • Common
    • Added new components - The following components have been added:
      • Floating Action Button (FAB).
      • Speed Dial.
      • Skeleton.
      • AppBar.
      • Message.
    • Preview to production-ready component - The following component has been developed to meet industry standards and is now marked as production-ready:
      • Pager.
    • Added Microsoft .NET 7 compatibility - All Syncfusion Blazor components are now compatible with .NET 7.
  • AppBar (Preview)
    • The new Blazor AppBar displays information and actions related to the current application screen. It is used to show branding, screen titles, navigation, and actions. Key features:
      • Modes - Regular, prominent, and dense modes define the AppBar height.
      • Content arrangement - Spacer and separator options can be used to align the content with minimal effort.
      • Color - Primary, light, dark, and inherit options to customize the AppBar color.
      • Position - AppBars can be placed at the top or bottom of the screen. They can also be sticky.
  • Carousel
    • Partial view carousel - The Blazor Carousel now shows one complete slide and a partial view of adjacent (previous and next) slides at the same time.
  • Chart
    • Data Label: Wrap Support - Added support for wrapping the data label in the accumulation chart based on its size or when it overflows the container.
    • Print multiple charts - Added support for printing multiple charts on the same page at the same time.
  • DatePicker
    • Full screen calendar on mobiles - You can now display a Calendar as a full-screen popup on mobile devices, both landscape and portrait orientations are supported.
  • Diagram
    • Flip support for node - Added the ability to flip a node. Flipping provides a mirrored version of the original node. The flip types are:
      • Vertical - Flips the element vertically.
      • Horizontal - Flips the element horizontally.
      • Both - Flips the element both vertically and horizontally.
    • Show and hide user handles - Users can now control the visibility of user handles for any specific diagram elements. Show or hide user handles for nodes, connectors, or both.
    • Tooltip - Added the ability to control the visibility of tooltips for specific nodes and connectors when the pointer hovers on diagram elements.
  • Word Processor
    • Show paragraphs and hidden marks - Added the ability to show or hide paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols in the Word Processor component. These marks help identify the start and end of a paragraph and all the hidden formatting symbols in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Floating Action Button (Preview)
    • The Blazor Floating Action Button (FAB) appears in front of all the contents of the page and performs a primary action:
      • Positioning - Place the Floating Action Button in various built-in positions on the target element.
      • Appearance - The Floating Action Button (FAB) supports several predefined styles.
  • Gantt Chart
    • Inline editing with virtualization - Added the ability to do CRUD operations such as add, edit, and delete directly on rows which are in current viewport when row and column virtualization features are enabled.
    • Timeline virtualization - Added the ability to load project tasks with longer timelines in the Gantt Chart. Renders only the timeline cells in the current viewport, while other timeline cells are rendered dynamically on horizontal scrolling.
    • GUID and alphanumeric support for task field’s ID - The ID TaskField that is used to map the tasks from the data source for displaying them in a hierarchical structure, now supports GUID and alphanumeric values. It also accepts integers, strings, and GUID type values.
    • State persistence - Added the ability to retain the state of the Gantt Chart using local storage on browser reload. The Gantt Chart state can also be saved and restored manually.
  • Message (preview)
    • The Blazor Message component lets users convey messages’ urgency using differentiating icons and colors to denote the importance and context of the messages to the end user. It has predefined Normal, Success, Info, Warning, and Error severity types.
      • The component can be displayed with predefined Text, Outlined, and Filled appearance variants.
      • Message comes with several built-in, customizable, SASS-based themes: Fluent, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap 5, Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap, Material, Fabric, and high contrast.
  • PDF Library
    • Create PDF digital signatures with LTV using a time-stamp URL - Long-term validation, or LTV, means that all the information needed to verify the digital signature is embedded within the PDF file. The Syncfusion Blazor PDF Library now digitally signs a PDF document with LTV using a time-stamp URL only. All the necessary details such as certificate chain, OCSP, and CRL can be downloaded from the given URL and embedded into the PDF document.
    • PDF digital signature enhancements:
      • Added support for getting OCSP and CRL details from existing digitally signed PDF documents to verify the LTV.
      • Added an API to choose between OCSP and CRL to validate the LTV in a PDF document.
    • External OCR engine - The Syncfusion OCR processor library uses the Tesseract OCR engine by default to extract text from scanned PDFs and images. Users can now change the default OCR engine to external OCR services from Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, and more.
    • HTML-to-PDF conversion enhancement:
      • The Syncfusion HTML-to-PDF converter now uses the Chromium Blink rendering engine by default to convert HTML pages to PDF documents. The Blink rendering engine supports all the modern features supported by Google’s Chrome browser.
      • You no longer need to set the path for Blink binaries. By default, it is copied to the bin folder while installing the HTML-to-PDF converter NuGet packages.
  • Pivot Table
    • Notification for UI actions - Using the action begin and complete events, you can now identify UI actions in the Pivot Table such as drill down/up, value sorting, grouping bar and field list UI actions, and CRUD operations. If the UI actions do not achieve the desired result, the action failure event is triggered.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Library
    • PowerPoint-to-PDF conversion enhancements - Added the ability to preserve structure tags in converted PDF documents for accessibility (PDF/UA or 508 compliance) support.
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Insert audio and video - Added the ability to insert audio and video files from a local folder or web URL or embed a URL from sources such as YouTube and Vimeo. Preview a video, resize it, and customize it using the quick toolbar.
  • Schedule
    • Virtual scrolling in vertical views - Added the ability to load only the visible items in the view port and load the remaining items on scrolling. This improves the Scheduler component’s performance while loading a large number of resources and appointments in vertical day, week, and month views.
    • Template support in year view - Users can now customize all the cells in the year view.
  • Skeleton (Preview)
    • The Blazor Skeleton component is a placeholder that animates a shimmer effect to let users know that the page's content is currently loading. In other words, it simulates the layout of page content while loading the actual content. It supports wave, fade, and pulse animation effects. Key features:
      • Shapes - Supports Circle, Square, Text, and Rectangle shapes.
      • Shimmer effect - Supports fade and pulse shimmer effects.
  • Speed Dial (Preview)
    • The Blazor Speed Dial component is an extension of the floating action button that displays a list of action buttons when clicked. It is useful when there is more than one primary action for the page. Key features:
      • Display mode - Display action buttons in linear and radial directions.
      • Positioning - Place the Speed Dial button in various built-in positions on the target element.
      • Modal - Show a modal overlay behind the Speed Dial.
      • Template - Customize the action items and Speed Dial popup container.
  • Stock Chart
    • Legend - The stock chart now has legend support, which provides additional information about the series in the chart. The legend allows the user to toggle the visibility of the series.
  • Tree Grid
    • Freeze columns by dragging frozen line - By dragging and dropping the frozen line separators between the columns, users can now include or exclude columns from being frozen.
    • State persistence - Added the ability to retain the state of a Tree Grid using local storage on browser reload. The Tree Grid state can also be saved and restored manually.
  • Microsoft Word Library
    • Word-to-PDF conversion enhancements - The Syncfusion Word Library includes the following enhancements when converting any Word document to a PDF file:
      • Wavy, wavy heavy, wavy double, and double underline styles now render as they are in the input Word document.
      • The default font handling while converting a Word document to PDF in SUSE Linux has been enhanced.
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