RavenDB v5.4.102

로깅, 스레딩 및 디버깅을 개선합니다.
March 28, 2023 - 17:12
신규 버전



  • [Changes API] Created optimized channel for aggressive cache usage.
  • [Configuration] Added 'Security.WellKnownIssuers.Admin' configuration.
  • [Debug] Added the ability to collect debug package only for server or per database.
  • [Indexes] Added certificate info to index history view.
  • [Indexes] Added support for Microsoft .NET 7 'TimeOnly' for increased precision.
  • [Logging] Added the ability to enable Kestrel logs.
  • [Memory] Added Zswap and Zswapped to memory info reader on Linux.
  • [Setup] Added Ubuntu 22.04 DEB package.
  • [Threading] Now uses shorter thread names on Linux.
  • [.NET] Updated to Microsoft .NET 7.0.4.

Client API

  • [Conventions] Added 'CreateHttpClient' and 'HttpClientType' conventions.
  • [Changes API] Optimized changes API for aggressive cache usage (requires both server and client update).
  • [JSON] Added support for .NET 7 'TimeOnly' for increased precision.
  • [JSON] Added 'DefaultRavenSerializationBinder' which will throw for known .NET RCE Gadgets when they are used in '$type' field and, deserialization needs to use 'value' from this field to find a type.
  • [Session] Added Refresh(IEnumerable<T> entities) overload.


  • [Memory] Exposed 'total SWAP' and 'SWAP' used in dashboards.


  • [Docker] Added Microsoft Windows LTSC 2022 docker images.


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