ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2023 v1

FlexGrid 검색 및 보존된 레이아웃 개선사항과 WinForms Maps에 대한 GeoJSON 지원이 포함되어 있습니다.
3월 31, 2023
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  • FlexGrid Search Supports All Occurrences - When users search FlexGrid using the Search Panel, FlexGrid now highlights all occurrences of the search text in a cell. This is also helpful in cases where a pattern of text is being searched.
  • FlexGrid Save Layout Enhancements - FlexGrid now supports saving and loading layouts at design and runtime. This allows you to more easily persist column layouts between runs of the application without having to save the data itself.
  • FlexGrid XML Updates - At runtime, the WriteXML and ReadXML have XMLOptions parameters that allow you to save or load ColumnInfo, RowInfo, Ranges, Control, Styles, Maps, Tree, Glyphs, and Images.
  • FlexGrid Tree Nodes - Adds support for displaying both Images and CheckBoxes in tree nodes.
  • FilterEditor for .NET 6 now with FlexGrid Integration - The FilterEditor control is now available for .NET 6. Includes new sample to demonstrate FilterEditor integration with FlexGrid. The sample demonstrates how the FilterEditor can be invoked from a context menu at runtime and how filter summaries can be displayed in the datagrid footer after filtering data.
  • GeoJSON Support in Maps for WinForms - GeoJSON is an open standard geospatial data interchange format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures (i.e., countries, provinces, cities, etc.) and can include other non-spatial data related to these features.
  • Multi-Column Combobox for .NET 6 (Beta) - The new C1MultiColumnCombo control is a multi-column dropdown that supports databinding, searching, filtering, highlighting, selection, and sorting of data. The control internally uses FlexGrid in the dropdown. However, other controls like DataGrid or a TreeView can also be used in a custom view. This control is provided as a .NET 6 library that can be used in .NET 6 and 7 applications, and it is the recommended replacement for C1Combo.
  • TextBox UI Enhancements for Microsoft Windows 11 - The ComponentOne Input TextBox control now supports the Windows 11 system styles like color, rounded corners, and underlines, similar to standard .NET input controls.
  • CSV Data Provider in FlexReport Designer - Design and build reports from simple CSV data files. The FlexReport Designer now supports connecting to CSV data using the C1.ADONET.CSV data connector. The DataConnector supports connecting to local CSV files as well as over HTTP.
  • FinancialChart Runtime Toolbar and Ribbon - The FinancialChart control now has the same runtime toolbar as FlexChart. Using the context menu, the toolbar or ribbon can be added to the control at design time. At runtime, users can invoke different actions using the toolbar options, such as adding or removing series, applying different palettes, exporting or printing charts, and applying analysis tools such as trendlines or overlays.
  • Other WinForms Enhancements - German resources are updated for runtime localization.
FlexGrid WinForms Search supports All Occurrences.

ComponentOne Studio WinForms

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