SharePoint ShortUrl released

Create ShortUrls for any SharePoint Page, List Item, Document, View or External link.
March 12, 2013
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SharePoint ShortUrl is a SharePoint solution that allows the creation and use of shortcut hyperlinks. It’s common, especially with large complex installations, for the structure of a SharePoint site collection to lead to enormously long hyperlinks, which makes for ugly and error prone URLs. This makes emailing the link, putting it into documents or even saying it over the phone a much simpler and less error prone.


  • Create ShortUrls for any Page, List Item Document, View or External link (FTP, Mailto).
  • Unlimited shortened hyperlinks.
  • Easy access via Site Actions and Items Context Menu.
  • Open email client with ShortUrl for sending short hyperlinks.
  • Date expiry for short lived hyperlinks.
  • Hyperlink ownership for audit trails.
  • ShortUrl links click counter on lists.
  • Easy to install, tightly integrated with SharePoint.
  • Very easy to use, no training.


CIRRUS SOFT is a London based SharePoint consultancy that provides complete solutions for Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies. SharePoint Sense products are used and trusted by many of the top companies worldwide.

Use ShortUrl to create short hyperlinks.

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