ActiveReports 12 Service Pack 1

Released: Apr 4, 2018

12 Service Pack 1 버젼 업데이트


  • Chart enhancements
    • Add and customize series lines in column and bar charts. Properties include Style, Width, and Color.
    • Change the text orientation in chart axis points with Text Orientation property. Options include Auto, Angle, Horizontal, Rotated90, Rotated270, and Stacked.
  • CrossSectionBox enhancements - CrossSectionBox now includes a CloseBorder property. If a grouping in a Section Report spans multiple pages and needs a border, the CloseBorder property allows you to close the bottom and top borders of each page for that grouped section.
  • Map enhancements - Now you can display geospatial data directly on the Map with a new function =MapPoint(<Latitude>,<Longitude>). This function is available for a map Point Layer only.
  • Shape enhancements - Shape controls now include hatch style and a gradient brush.