Five Star

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Aspose.PDF's .NET solution has enabled us to automate our workflow in a meaningful and unique way, and allowed us to improve on a few key performance metrics. Our use-case involves taking programmatically generated PDFs from an external API, applying changes, and returning the result to the client to sign and date. Aspose.PDF returned a result in 5-6 seconds - much faster than the other components we tried, reducing load-times for users and improving the user-experience of our application immensely.

Integrating Aspose.PDF for .NET into our existing solution couldn't have been easier. With the code samples they provided, we spent only a few hours from obtaining our 30-Day Trial to running their code on the cloud as an automated process. In addition, Aspose.PDF integrates well with other services. Although we were impressed with how quickly we were able to run this API locally, we were surprised to find that Aspose.PDF integrates with cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS with surprising ease. Aspose.PDF was the most performant solution we found for PDF manipulation. It felt like Aspose.PDF was built with a consideration for speed that was lacking in the competing solutions available on the market. Additionally, we were grateful to find that Aspose.PDF has solid documentation and an impressive level of community support, as well.

We are confident that Aspose.PDF will continue to fulfill our evolving needs as a business.