IDERA / Desaware - 베스트 셀러

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    설명: 24x7 SQL performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics. SQL Diagnostic Manager (SQLdm) provides an unprecedented level of diagnostic information on the health, performance, and status of SQL Server instances across your environment. You can view, ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Quickly produce high performance SQL code. Rapid SQL helps developers and DBAs produce high performance SQL code quickly and efficiently. With support for Oracle, teams can standardize on one heterogeneous SQL IDE tool. A rich development environment ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Hands-free backup across your SQL Servers. Idera’s SQL safe provides a high-performance backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server. SQL safe saves money by reducing database backup time by up to 50% over native backups and reducing backup disk ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Get advice and recommendations on how to fix a performance problem. SQL Doctor leverages proven industry best practices endorsed by SQL Server MVPs to analyze the performance of SQL Server and provide recommendations for improving its performance. ... 더 읽기

  5. 5. Event Log Toolkit 구매

    브랜드: Desaware
    주요 카테고리: 보안 컴포넌트
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    설명: Create custom event sources for logging events into the NT/2000 event log. The Event Log Toolkit overcomes the generic "VB runtime" event logging, along with its limited descriptions and lack of event categories. With it you can create self ... 더 읽기

  6. 6. Desaware ActiveX Gallimaufry 구매

    브랜드: Desaware
    주요 카테고리: MDI 컴포넌트
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    설명: Add a variety of components to your toolbox, while learning the techniques behind them. ActiveX Gallimaufry is a collection of ActiveX components covering a variety of different functionality, from graphics manipulations, the Win32 API, and transparency, ... 더 읽기

  7. 7. CAS/Tester 구매

    브랜드: Desaware
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    설명: Provide automated code access security testing. Desaware's CAS/Tester automates the process of testing an assembly (for Code access security) by executing it under multiple security configurations and producing a detailed report of the results. ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Integrate file property management into your applications. The Desaware File Property Component allows you to read and write file properties that are part of Microsoft Office and other structured storage files, and files located on Windows 2000 NTFS ... 더 읽기

  9. 9. LineGraph-5M 구매

    브랜드: Desaware
    주요 카테고리: 차트 컴포넌트
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    설명: Add line and scatter plot graphs to your ASP.NET applications. LineGraph-5M is a Web Custom Control that allows you to add Line and Scatter Plot graphs to your ASP.NET pages. It can create graphs with an absolute minimum of effort, yet contains enough ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Create a full featured service in minutes using .NET, even debug your service using the .NET environment. Although the .NET framework supports the creation of simple services, the NT Service Toolkit allows you to create more robust and complex services in ... 더 읽기