ExpressQuantumPack 17.2.5

A versão de manutenção inclui diversas correções de bugs.
Fevereiro 28, 2018 - 10:40
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ExpressEditors Library

  • cxLookupComboBox - Incremental filtering is not applied to items when editing non-terminal characters in an item's text displayed by clicking the item in the editor dropdown window.
  • cxLookupComboBox displays an incorrect value if a lookup field's OnGetText event is handled.
  • cxRadioGroup - An in-place editor's content size/layout calculation and repaint operations are performed slowly if the system and monitor DPI do not match.
  • In-place text editors whose Properties.EchoMode property is set to eemPassword display asterisks instead of bullets if the native style is applied and themes are enabled in certain cases.
  • TcxScrollBox - If nested top-aligned controls are created within the parent form's OnCreate handler, the scroll container displays no scrollbars, provided that its AutoScroll property is True.
  • TcxShellTreeView, TcxShellListView, and TcxShellBrowserDialog - An AV occurs when the Root.BrowseFolder and Root.CustomPath properties are assigned bfCustomPath and a path containing a file name at design time.

ExpressLayout Control

  • A tabbed group's tabs display accelerator characters for layout elements whose CaptionOptions.ShowAccelChar property is set to False.
  • If the TcxGroupBox control placed within TdxLayoutControl is skinned, the upper part of the group box caption is cropped in certain cases.
  • TdxLayoutControl - Increase the recalculation performance of items with WordWrap = True.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Page Setup dialog - The "No Fill" text displayed by the background fill selection button is scaled twice.
  • TdxGridReportLink - The grid column's Properties.Alignment.Vert property value is ignored for merged cells in the resulting report.
  • TdxGridReportLink - The Invalid Pointer Operation exception occurs on rebuilding a report for a TcxGrid control with preview items, provided that the report link's OptionsPreview.Visible property is True.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Conditional Formatting - A conditional formatting rule created by using the "Conditional Formatting Rules Manager" dialog is applied to the first grid column instead of the column selected via the "Show formatting rules for:" combo box.
  • Export - Table and Banded Table View - ExportGridTo~ methods pass nil as the ARow parameter to the Styles.OnGetFooterSummaryStyle event handler invoked for a group footer.
  • Find Panel - The application freezes when searching text within a column with cxRichEdit as its in-place editor, provided that the multi-threaded filtering is enabled in a data controller.
  • Master-Detail - The control's scaling factor is applied twice to custom pixel dimensions of items in a detail View.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - The control's scaling factor does not apply to the column header height if the latter is explicitly specified by using the View's OptionsView.HeaderHeight property.
  • TcxGridPopupMenu - Table and Banded Table Views - The built-in group row popup menu cannot be invoked.


  • Cell reference update routines do not check if a cell reference and the referred cell are in different worksheets.
  • Cells containing Boolean values are incorrectly copied/cut into the clipboard in the XML Spreadsheet data format.
  • Colored rectangles outlining cells and/or cell ranges referenced by a formula expression edited by using an in-place cell editor persist after closing the editor.
  • FALSE Boolean values are hidden in cells if the OptionsView.ZeroValues property is set to False.
  • Pasting a cell range copied from an external application into an unlocked cell(s) of a protected worksheet results in overwriting locked cells overlapped by the pasted cell range.
  • Source and destination cells' locked states are incorrectly merged on pasting a cell range from the clipboard in the XML Spreadsheet format.
  • Spreadsheet Report Link - Rich text formatted content located in worksheet merged cells is printed as a plain text.
  • The CONCATENATE function returns an incorrect result if it accepts at least one reference to a cell range as a parameter.
  • The right or bottom custom border of a merged cell is not displayed if the merged cell encompasses two or more cells in a row or column, respectively.
  • The TEXT function returns an incorrect result if a string constant is included as a part of the specified formatting pattern.


Adicione funcionalidade extensas de grade, layout e capa aos seus aplicativos Delphi e C + + Builder com este conjunto de componentes.

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