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Increase Data Density with the rMQR Symbology

Fevereiro 22, 2024
Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET V24.1 adds support for Rectangular Micro QR codes, allowing you greater flexibility in data encoding.

Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET empowers your Python applications with robust barcode functionality. This versatile library seamlessly integrates into your development workflow, enabling effortless generation and scanning of diverse barcode symbologies. Enjoy granular control over barcode appearance, customizing colors, size, captions, and more to suit your precise requirements. Efficient multi-threading ensures swift and accurate recognition of single or multiple barcodes within images, optimizing your productivity and data processing efficiency.

The Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET V24.1 release adds support for rMQR barcodes. This expands its utility in industries employing high-volume data transmission and real-time tracking. rMQR's high density and error correction capabilities excel in encoding large datasets within compact barcodes, ideal for product authentication, logistics, and supply chain management.

To see a full list of what's new in V24.1, see our release notes.

Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET is offered as Developer Small Business, Developer OEM, Developer SDK, Site Small Business, Site OEM, and Site SDK licenses catering to a range of business needs. Licenses are perpetual, and include 1 year of support and maintenance. Subscription renewals are also available. See our Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET licensing page for full details.

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Create and Edit Report Layouts within Visual Studio

Fevereiro 22, 2024
Visual Studio integrated report designers offer seamless reporting solutions for your .NET WinForms projects.

Visual Studio integrated report designers are comprehensive tools integrated into the Visual Studio development environment that enable software developers to design, create, and customize reports seamlessly within their projects. This feature streamlines the report creation process by providing a user-friendly interface for designing layout, formatting data, and integrating data sources directly within Visual Studio. Its benefits include increased productivity through the elimination of the need for external tools, enhanced collaboration among development teams, and improved efficiency in report development workflows, ultimately leading to faster delivery of high-quality reporting solutions in software applications.

Several .NET WinForms reporting controls offer Visual Studio integrated designers, including:

  • ActiveReports.NET by MESCIUS enables report creation in Visual Studio, fostering efficient design, data integration, and collaboration for professional reporting solutions.
  • DevExpress Reports integrates with Visual Studio, providing a versatile and user-friendly environment for creating, designing, and customizing comprehensive reports.
  • Telerik Reporting includes a Visual Studio integrated designer, facilitating the creation and customization of dynamic reports for enhanced data visualization.
  • MindFusion.Reporting for Windows Forms enhances Visual Studio with a powerful integrated designer, simplifying the creation and customization of WinForms reports.

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Refine Data Exploration with Range Trackbars

Fevereiro 22, 2024
Adding a range trackbar to your Blazor app allows users to select the start and endpoints of a range of data, making interactive filtering easier.

A range trackbar component, also known as a range slider, expands upon the standard trackbar by allowing users to select a range of values within a predefined minimum and maximum, instead of just a single point. This is achieved through two independent sliders or markers that define the lower and upper bounds of the chosen range. Range trackbars are commonly used in applications requiring filter selection, price range specification, or any scenario where choosing a continuous segment within a broader spectrum is necessary.

Several Blazor Data Editor controls offer range trackbars including:

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Conecte aplicativos modernos a infraestruturas antigas

Fevereiro 21, 2024
A emulação permite acessar sistemas legados, interagir com equipamentos especializados ou utilizar protocolos proprietários sem reescrever os códigos existentes.

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Emulation in internet communications components allows software developers to mimic the behavior of older protocols or systems over modern networks. It helps breathe new life into outdated systems by exposing their functionality through modern interfaces, extending their lifespan and avoiding costly replacements.

Several .NET communications and messaging components offer emulation functionality including:

  • Rebex SSH Shell for .NET lets you execute commands on SSH or telnet servers and add terminal emulation capabilities to your applications.
  • PowerTCP Emulation for .NET by Dart Communications includes comprehensive emulation components with support for VT52, VT100, VT220, and VT320 emulation.
  • SocketTools .NET Edition by Catalyst Development Corp. offers diverse emulation features supporting ANSI and DEC VT terminals, ensuring broad compatibility.

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Consolide PDFs em um único documento organizado

Fevereiro 21, 2024
A mesclagem de PDF simplifica os fluxos de trabalho, organiza as informações relacionadas e permite a criação dinâmica de documentos para melhorar a experiência do usuário.

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PDF merging combines multiple Portable Document Format (PDF) files into a single, cohesive document. Merging empowers developers to programmatically assemble dynamic documents based on user input or data extraction, unlocking new possibilities for interactive applications. By efficiently managing and consolidating related PDF information, PDF merging offers developers a powerful tool for building robust and user-friendly software solutions.

Several .NET components offer PDF merging including:

  • DevExpress PDF Document API streamlines document workflows with robust PDF merging capabilities, offering granular control over page order and insertion points.
  • Document Solutions for PDF by MESCUIS lets you effortlessly consolidate PDFs with support for page extraction, and batch processing for high-volume tasks.
  • IronPDF for .NET simplifies PDF merging within your .NET applications, with flexible concatenation options, watermarking, and digital signature integration.
  • Aspose.PDF for .NET unlocks powerful PDF merging capabilities, enabling precise page arrangement, content filtering, and conversion to various output formats.

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