Notícias sobre ASP.NET Core 8

Simplifique o trabalho em equipe com a integração do CardDAV

Junho 10, 2024
O novo componente CardDAV do IPWorks 2024 ajuda os usuários a centralizarem e gerenciarem catálogos de endereços e contatos entre dispositivos e aplicativos.

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IPWorks by /n software is a comprehensive development library designed to streamline your creation of internet-enabled applications. It offers pre-built, secure components for common functionalities like sending emails, transferring files, and consuming web services. This allows you to focus on your application's core logic while leveraging pre-tested, robust tools for essential internet interactions.

The IPWorks 2024 release streamlines contact management with its all-new CardDAV component. This integration empowers applications to seamlessly create, edit, and synchronize contacts across devices and platforms. Users can effortlessly manage address books, add, delete, copy, or move entries, all while centralizing data on a CardDAV server. This ensures everyone stays in sync and fosters improved collaboration across an organization.

To see a full list of what's new in IPWorks 2024, see our release notes.

IPWorks is licensed per developer and is available as a Perpetual License with a 12 month support and maintenance subscription. See our IPWorks licensing page for full details.

IPWorks is available to buy in the following products:

Crie aplicativos em tempo real seguros e sem defasagens com facilidade

Junho 7, 2024
O Red Carpet Subscription Vol. 2 2024 oferece experiências de alto desempenho e alta fidelidade em chamadas de vídeo e jogos com os benefícios da segurança do DTLS.

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Red Carpet Subscription by /n software is an all-inclusive developer toolkit offering a comprehensive library of development tools, network management utilities, and enterprise adapters. This subscription grants access to all products and updates, including new releases, for a flat fee per developer, streamlining your workflow and ensuring your team has the latest resources to tackle any communication or security protocol challenge.

The Red Carpet Subscription Vol. 2 2024 release adds IPWorks DTLS client and server component that allows for secure communication and streaming with Datagram Transport Layer Security. This new compatibility is perfect for time-sensitive applications such as video or audio streaming, gaming, and VPNs. IPWorks DTLS upports all modern TLS versions and integrates well with a variety of development technologies. Benefits include low overhead, making it efficient for time-sensitive applications, a uniform and extensible design, and fully integrated components. IPWorks DTLS is available for a broad range of platforms including .NET, Java, C++, macOS, JavaScript, Node.js, Delphi, C++ Builder, PHP, Python, Android, iOS, Swift, Linux, and Qt. DTLS support is available in the following /n software toolkits and components:

  • IPWorks DTLS
  • IPWorks SNMP (SNMPAgent, SNMPMgr and SNMPTrapMgr)
  • IPWorks IoT (CoAP)
  • IPWorks Auth (RADIUS)

To see a full list of what's new in Red Carpet Subscription Vol. 2 2024, see our release notes.

Red Carpet Subscription is licensed per developer and is available as a Perpetual License with a 12 month support and maintenance subscription. See our Red Carpet Subscription licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our /n software Red Carpet Subscription product page.

Execute consultas SQL personalizadas em seus relatórios

Maio 28, 2024
O FastReport Online Designer 2024.2 adiciona suporte para consultas SQL personalizadas, permitindo que as exibições SQL sejam usadas como tabelas regulares.

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FastReport Online Designer by FastReports is a web-based report designer tool that allows users to create, edit, and view reports directly in their browser on any device. This cross-platform designer integrates seamlessly with FastReport .NET, FastReport Core, and FastReport Open Source, making it a valuable tool for developers who want to empower their end users to customize report layouts and data visualization.

The FastReport Online Designer 2024.2 update introduces Custom SQL Query functionality, which significantly enhances the tool's versatility. It allows developers to write and execute tailored SQL queries directly within the report designer, enabling the integration of complex SQL views and custom data manipulations as standard tables in reports. This capability facilitates more precise data retrieval and manipulation, streamlining the reporting process by reducing the need for pre-processing data externally. Consequently, developers can now create more dynamic, data-rich reports that better meet specific business requirements, ultimately improving the efficiency and effectiveness of reporting solutions within their applications.

To see a full list of what's new in 2024.2, see our release notes.

FastReport Online Designer* is available in a number of license options: SCL may be used in a single application within one organization. SaaS allows embedding within a Cloud platform for your SaaS subscribers. OEM can be integrated into a distributed solution to your customers. Unlimited is also available for custom distributions. See our FastReport Online Designer licensing page for full details.

Learn more on our FastReport Online Designer product page.

* FastReport Online Designer requires FastReport.NET, FastReport Core or FastReport Open Source to work.

Integre o GenAI em aplicativos Web, móveis e de desktop

Maio 22, 2024
As versões Telerik UI e Kendo UI 2024 Q2 ganharam um componente AI Prompt, oferecendo aos desenvolvedores uma maneira fácil de incorporar IA generativa em seus aplicativos.

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Progress Telerik is a leading software publisher that provides a range of tools and solutions to help developers build and deploy modern applications. Its product range include UI libraries, reporting tools and testing frameworks. Telerik products are used by millions of developers around the world to build a wide variety of applications.

The 2024 Q2 release completes the blending of AI with UI, thereby bridging the gap between an app and next-generation AI language model applications. The new "AIPrompt" component allows you to integrate artificial intelligence prompts into web, mobile and desktop applications, providing users with a modern interface to interact with AI services.

The following Telerik products have been updated with the AI Prompt component:

To see what else is new in 2024 Q2, see our release notes:

Telerik products are licensed per developer and are available as perpetual licenses with a one year support subscription, which is available in three tiers: Lite, Priority or Ultimate. For more information see:

Remova facilmente informações confidenciais de PDFs

Maio 14, 2024
O IronPDF for .NET 2024.5.2 permite limpar e digitalizar arquivos PDF, melhorando a proteção dos dados do usuário e aprimorando a segurança do aplicativo.

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IronPDF for .NET empowers developers with a user-friendly C# library to generate, edit, and manage PDFs. It leverages a familiar HTML/CSS foundation for effortless PDF creation, while also offering robust features like text extraction, OCR, signing, and more. This comprehensive solution simplifies complex PDF development tasks, saving time and boosting productivity for .NET projects.

The IronPDF for .NET 2024.5.2 update introduces the IronPdf.Cleaner API, designed to improve the security and reliability of PDF handling in applications. This new API offers developers the capability to sanitize and scan PDF files, effectively mitigating the risks associated with processing content from an untrusted source. It removes potentially malicious code and sensitive information, such as metadata, comments, or embedded objects, that could compromise the application or user data. This enhances application security and safeguards against potential vulnerabilities introduced through untrusted PDF sources.

To see a full list of what's new in 2024.5.2, see our release notes.

IronPDF for .NET is licensed based on the number of developers, organization locations and projects, and is available as a Perpetual license with one free year of product updates and support services. See our IronPDF for .NET licensing page for full details.

IronPDF for .NET is available to buy in the following products: