Enterprise Architect 14.1 (Build 1428)

O Pacote de Publicação como Perfil UML agora está disponível em todas as edições.
Fevereiro 22, 2019 - 9:28
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Updates in v14.1 (Build 1428)

Schema Composer

  • CIM and Generic schema composer profiles now support generating a profile with multiple namespaces:
    • The Package URI property is used to as the namespace for any types it contains.
    • The Package Alias property is used as a default namespace prefix.
  • Properties restricted to a single specialization of the target type now reference the specialized type directly instead of using a choice.
  • Property Restrictions dialog now provides the option of showing all specializations in the model or the subset already in the schema.
  • Importer now shows all known file extensions by default.

Database Engineering

  • Column Properties dialog now automatically saves changed descriptions.
  • Generated DDL scripts are now saved with the UTF8 code page.


  • SysML Block context menu to add a new Port restored.
  • Sequence diagram lifelines for new profiled elements now consistent with other lifelines.
  • Repeat last connector (F3) improved when last connector was created through a quicklinker rule that specified a fully qualified connector stereotype.
  • Sequence diagram fragments with a fill color specified can now be placed on top of lifelines.
  • SysML and State Machine diagram frames now size correctly when moving and resizing contained elements.
  • State Machine diagram frames no longer prevent moving the State Machine between packages.
  • State Machine diagrams with no parent no longer prevent moving between packages.

User Interface

  • Toolbox Element items can be dropped into the Project Browser on first click.
  • Interaction point page/tab will now list respective child element(s) of an activity and property/part.
  • Improved Constructs window updating display with the currently selected item and when switching in and out of hidden state.
  • Ribbon menu option to open specific workspace layouts remapped.
  • Diagram Image hyperlinks in element notes can now be edited.
  • Send Signal Action properties dialog behavior when changing a signal improved.

Other Changes

  • Scripting call for Session.Input restored.
  • Workflow script on systems without VBScript no longer causes a delay during model load.
  • Changing the lock of group locked items over cloud services no longer requires a full unlock first.
  • Executable Statemachine code generation now generates compilable code when 'Generate Trace Code' is disabled.
  • SBPI Integration now available for Corporate edition and above.
  • Publish Package as UML Profile now available in all editions.
  • Office Integration licenses can now be retrieved from the Floating License Server.
  • OpenID login callback page no longer loads an image from sparxsystems.com.
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