AlchemyJ v4.1.0

Adiciona 47 novas funções estendidas do AlchemyJ.
Agosto 03, 2020 - 9:19
Nova versão


  • 47 new AlchemyJ Extended Functions.
  • Big number and big string support.
  • 4 new UDFs for LDAP operations.
  • New AlchemyJ Extended Function, ajEnviron, which helps you retrieve environment variables.
  • More Microsoft Excel functions support.
  • You can now create APIs that accept and return a file.
  • PostgreSQL support.
  • One API may have multiple database connections.
  • Support for Jetty as an embedded web server for REST API.
  • Added 7 more snippets to make using AlchemyJ Extended Function much easier.
  • You can now trigger a function point directly after a login and logout request.
  • Token-based server-to-server authentication.
  • In-memory password support in AlchemyJ Studio so database passwords are not exposed in the connection string.
  • An encryption tool for generating encrypted value for application configuration files.
  • Added an auto-save option during API generation.
  • More options for handling array overflow in input arrays, output arrays, and arrays returned by AlchemyJ Extended Functions.
  • Buttons to Run REST API and Open OpenAPI specification directly.
  • Context-sensitive help which brings you to the relevant help page based on the currently focused cell content.
  • Filter Type 1 supports OR operation between filter rows.
  • Shortened API generation time.
  • Improved API run-time performance.
  • AjCheckDataItem will automatically convert a value to the defined type if it can be converted.


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