Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server v4.2 (Build 63)

Melhora o Web Config, Integration Plugins e Floating License Server Client.
Novembro 04, 2020 - 16:09
Nova versão


  • Cloud Server
    • Microsoft Windows Authentication will match against both the legacy ('DOMAIN\user') and UPN ('') username formats.
    • Log messages when opening a recordset now include a thread number to aid debugging.
    • Improved the PCS service's ability to shutdown sub processes when a manual stop is performed.
  • Integration Plugins - Server Based Plugin Interface (SBPI)
    • Polarion: Now supports Live Documents.
    • Polarion: Better support for deeper project levels.
    • Polarion: List of work items is now correct when parent has multiple children.
    • Polarion: Stop possible crash when pushing changes to Polarion.
    • Confluence: fixed linked URL when viewed in 'Show all items liked to model'.
    • Failures to obtain a SBPI icon are now logged.
  • OSLC
    • Improved Administrator group users ability to join chat groups and received notifications.
    • Corrected issue that that stopped /oslc/am/rm/results/ call from returning Relationship Matrix Source/Target elements.
  • Worker
    • Included build 1555.
  • WebEA
    • Improved data entry keys on Discussions/Reviews, more inline with EA behavior.
    • Improved security checks on Review/Chat/Mail tabs.
    • Improved chat notifications.
    • Improved error messages when login fails due to secure cookies.
    • Collaboration history views now loads composite elements correctly.
    • New configuration buttons to enable/disable collaboration features.
    • New configuration option to set chat notification frequency.
  • Web Config
    • Added PHP Module Check, to provide information on missing PHP modules, which is useful during setup.
    • Worker settings page now includes a warning to advise that a manual restart is required for changes to take effect.
    • Improved internal security.
  • Floating License Server Client
    • FLS Client now makes keystore based calls to retrieve and maintain FLS Group information.
Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

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