Five Stars

David Das cliente verificadoE.U.A.5 estrela

Dr. Explain is an invaluable tool for authoring professional Help Guides. I was delighted to find how this software imported a large 170 MB, 405-page Word Document with 618 images and 52 topics without a glitch. It created a clean, attractive Web Help System complete with a Table of Contents, page navigation controls and full text Search using the default Lite Template.

Within a matter of minutes I was able to upload the files on the Web Server and check if the Website could be viewed on a smartphone. Yes, it did create a fully responsive HTML5 design that gracefully folds to fit a smartphone or tablet. Dr. Explain aced this test with flying colors.

A lot of programming effort went behind the scenes to make this software so user friendly and a joy to use. What really makes Dr. Explain stand out amongst other Help Authoring Tools is its unique ability to analyze a menu and automatically generate numbered callouts for each element. Moreover, these numbered bullets are hyperlinked to their descriptive paragraphs. You could even have a popup window open when you hover over a numbered bullet. Imagine how long it would take to code this behavior with JavaScript! You can customize the behavior and appearance of these bullets, connectors, and callouts in a million ways and save them as your own Annotation Template. This way you can globally change all your annotated screenshots with one mouse click.

This is a tremendous time saver. It makes the tedious task of creating Help Manuals fun and enjoyable. This makes Dr. Explain the best tool for converting your Word Docs into fully responsive HTML5 websites without writing a single line of code! You do not need to go through the trouble of converting your Word Docs to RTF first, or worry about the size of your Word Doc. Dr. Explain is robust and fast. I selected Dr. Explain after trying out several other products. I was so thrilled with the feature set, functionality and ease of use of this product that I ordered an Advanced License right away. I was impressed with Lisa - the Customer Service Manager at ComponentSource - for her prompt and thorough responses while sending me the Quotes and following up with the License Key and download instructions. Lisa made this purchase process a breeze. ComponentSource is a class act.