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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Linux

Add instant searching of terabytes of text and file format support to your Linux applications.

Publicado por dtSearch Corp.

dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Linux

dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Linux provides a way for C++ and Java developers to incorporate dtSearch text retrieval functions into their applications for the Linux platform. No dtSearch end-user products are currently available for Linux so some C++ or Java programming is needed to make any use of the Linux version. dtSearch Engine for Linux includes all features of the Windows version except the COM interface and support for indexing of Microsoft Access databases via ODBC.

dtSearch Engine for Linux  (32-bit / 64-bit) Main Features:

  • add instant searching of terabytes of text (and file format support) to your application
  • 25+ fielded & full-text search options (supports hundreds of international languages)
  • File parsers/converters highlight hits in popular file types
  • Includes WYSIWYG hit-highlighted display of popular Web-based formats 
  • C++ and Java API (programming required for use)

dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Linux can instantly search terabytes of text...

Últimas Notícias

dtSearch excludes noise words
dtSearch excludes noise words
Version 7.64 adds dtsListIndexSkipNoiseWords to list words in an index without including any noise words.
One License required per Server. Please, note that Royalty Free price options are available. If you require more information about dtSearch Engine for Linux Royalty Free price options, please Contact...
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  • Java Class

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