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    Descrição: The complete Enterprise Architect experience. Enterprise Architect is a collaborative modeling, design and management platform based on UML 2.5 and related standards. Agile, intuitive and extensible with fully integrated, powerful domain specific high-end ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Comprehensive modeling solution. Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition is a comprehensive modeling solution targeted at larger development teams. Supporting a rich feature-set including model auditing, version control, role based security, mind mapping, ... Leia mais

  3. Descrição: Powerful modeling and visualization tool. Enterprise Architect Professional Edition is a powerful modeling and visualization tool aimed at work groups, analysts and developers. It supports shared projects through replication, shared network files and ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Power Tools & Critical Frameworks. Enterprise Architect Unified Edition is aimed at the software development professional, business modeler, systems engineer, real-time modeler, architect, requirements expert, project manager or those involved in the ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Cconvert PDF into DWG and DXF, as well as vector and raster into vectorized editable drawings. AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter converts PDF into DWG and DXF, as well as vector and raster into vectorized editable drawing, the latest version supports AutoCAD ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Integrate Enterprise Architect models with Visual Studio, Microsoft Office and Eclipse. The MDG Integration for Microsoft Office is designed to integrate with different products within the Microsoft Office suite. It allows you to upgrade your documents ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Provides bridges between Enterprise Architect and Visual Studio, Eclipse, DOORS and Visio. The MDG Link for Visual Studio .NET provides a soft bridge between Enterprise Architect and Visual Studio .NET. Navigation between Enterprise Architect and Visual ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Model Driven Generation (MDG) Technologies. MDG Technologies encapsulate a logical collection of resources (such as UML patterns and profiles) that pertain to a specific technology or modeling domain. These are 'pluggable' resources for ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Batch extract attribute data from AutoCAD attribute blocks without AutoCAD. Attribute Extractor helps you batch extract attribute data from AutoCAD attribute blocks without AutoCAD. Key features include stand-alone application, run without AutoCAD. Batch ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Batch convert DWG, DXF and DWF to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) without AutoCAD. DWG to SVG Converter helps you batch convert dwg/dxf/dwf to SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) without AutoCAD. Support single file conversion and batch conversion of full folder ... Leia mais