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  1. O que há de novo: New: MFT Search Methods Choose one of our Master File Table (MFT) search options on your 64-bit PC to rapidly search the contents of an entire drive. MFT- Quick is the perfect choice for most users who need to quickly locate a file on their disk. Use MFT- ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  2. O que há de novo: See all your duplicates at one time with the new Find Duplicates results format! All duplicates are now listed in the same window for easier access and visual review. Zebra striping helps visually separate duplicate groups. Want to see how many duplicates ... Leia mais

  3. O que há de novo: Use the new context menu options to quickly act upon all duplicates within a group, or all duplicates in your results, or only the selected items. When you're ready to remove your selected duplicates, UltraFinder will now allow you to review the list ... Leia mais