ActiveReports 13 SP1

Integriert die Unterstützung für Visual Studio 2019.
Mai 03, 2019 - 9:10
Neue Version


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 support.
  • Page and RDL Report Merge - Now you can use the ReportCombiner class to merge existing Page and RDL reports into a single document.
  • Vertical Merge in Table - Now you can merge cells vertically inside Table sections (Header, Footer, Group Header, Group Footer, and Detail). This feature is extremely useful when you have complex table headers and detail sections.
  • LookupSet Function - In Page and RDL reports you can now use the LookupSet function to display all matching data for a specified name in a dataset with name and value pairs.
  • Improved JSViewer performance to optimize memory usage at report render, and improved image and barcode processing.
  • Added new Polar and Spiral chart types.
  • Tooltip Templates for charts allows you to select from a predefined list of tooltip templates. These tooltips are supported in the JSViewer and HTML5 viewer.
  • Collapsible Rows in Excel - When exporting your RDL report to Excel, you can use the new EnableToggles property to export collapsible rows in the detail and row groups of the Table control.
  • IVS Characters - ActiveReports now supports Ideographic Variation Sequences (IVS).
  • Devanagari Support - PDF Export in ActiveReports now supports Devanagari characters with fonts such as Arial Unicode MS, Nirmala UI, and Mangal, which contain Devanagari glyphs.
  • Enhanced PDF Font Factory in Azure Web Applications - An improved PDF Font Factory allows you to embed end-user defined characters (EUDCs) in PDFs by modifying the web.config settings.


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