FastReport VCL v6.4

Integriert die Unterstützung der Skalierung für UHD-Monitore, neue GS1 Databars-Barcodes und die anfängliche Unterstützung für Lazarus.
Juni 17, 2019 - 10:52
Neue Version


  • Added support of HiDpi interface(DpiAware, Per-Monitor V1, Per-Monitor V2 modes).
  • Added initial support for Lazarus (Engine, Designer, Preview, Export filters: HTML, HTML5, RTF, DBF, CSV, ODS, ODT, XML, PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX).
  • Added new GS1 Databars barcodes.
  • Added new export filter to ZPL (Zebra printer) format.
  • Added support of HTML5 in TfrxReportServer component.
  • Added AllowMirrorMode property to control RTL of selected objects when mcmOnlyAllowed used in Page.MirrorMod.
  • Added support for VeraPDF validation in PDFA export.
  • Optimized 2D barcodes draw/print.
  • Improved Cross.NextCross mechanism with DownThenAcros (now column band of NextCross shouldn't overlap).
  • Improved converters from other report generators (ConverterQR2FR, ConverterRB2FR modules).
  • Reworked PDF and SVG exports output.
  • Improved export of HTML tags in SVG export.
  • Improved ToNRowMode and now works with MultiColumn data band and Subreport with PrintOnParent.
  • Improved 2D barcodes to support escape symbols.


  • Fixed Code tab activation after script debugging.
  • Fixed Underlines with LineSpacing.
  • Fixed export of font names in the PPTX export.
  • Fixed TfrxMemoView.Underlines error.
  • Fixed TfrxPrintOptions.Printer value when printer changed.
  • Fixed font table in the RTF export.
  • Fixed ConfigFileName in the TfrxReportServer.
  • Fixed export of hyperlinks to protected PDF.
  • Fixed AV in the TfrxPreview.
  • Fixed ParagraphGap for rotated text.
  • Fixed OpenAfterExport for SeparateFiles = True.
  • Fixed bad position when insert new event handler in code editor.
  • Fixed wrong clipping in preview when Clipped=false.
  • Fixed wrong order of components in inherited reports.
  • Font dialog does not set charset anymore for D2009 and above.
  • Fixed sheet name encoding in the XLSX export.
  • Fixed bug when DetailPage(Hyperlink) contains cross bands (bands were not shown).
  • Fixed bug in PDF export with transparency in Picture object and KeepAspectRatio property.
  • Fixed Clipping of memo object in SVG export.
  • Fixed SVG image with transparency in PDF export.
  • Fixed barcode output (fixed offset for 1px of text fill and added gradient fill).
  • Fixed additional + 1 pixel in PDF export images. Causes empty lines.
  • Fixed RTL text in PDF export.
  • Fixed Fonts in PDFA export.
  • Fixed PrintScale printing mode.
  • Fixed Engine.CurY position after crosstab with DownThenAcross.
  • Fixed bug with aggregates when KeepHeader and KeepFooter are active and header moved to next page.
  • Fixed bug with keep mechanism in multi column report - paste objects to wrong column.
  • Fixed image formats in HTML export (added PNG).
  • Fixed bug with report slowdown when UseGlobalDataSetList = False.
  • Fixed macros processing inside table.
  • Fixed PostProcessing with ReprintOnNewPage.
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