ActiveReports 13.2.18250.0

Verbessert den Speicherverbrauch bei der Darstellung von Berichten mit hochauflösenden Bildern.
September 06, 2019 - 8:22
Neue Version


  • Improved CSV Data Provider - Added the ability to load CSV data from a URL in Page and RDL reports. This makes using dynamic CSV data, or data stored in a central location, much easier.
  • JSViewer Enhancements - When running a project, JSViewer creates certain temporary folders for report rendering. Once the application page is closed, the temporary files are deleted. Another feature added to JSViewer, to help with efficient layout, is getting page info for the page in which the JSViewer is hosted.
  • SVG Images and PDF Export - Implemented several small enhancements around high resolution SVG images to deliver a big difference. These enhancements include improved memory consumption when rendering reports with high res images and reducing PDF output size by almost 50%.
  • Improved CSV Export - Enhanced CSV Rendering Extension to export to CSV without headers. New "NoHeader" boolean property has been added to the rendering extension that can be configured in the UI or set in code.


Entwerfen, Anpassen, Veröffentlichen und Anzeigen von Berichten in Ihren Geschäftsanwendungen.

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