Dynamic Web TWAIN 16.0

Einheitliche Dokumentenerfassung über Windows, Linux, macOS, Android und iOS.
Juni 19, 2020 - 10:48
Neue Version


  • New Cross-Platform Viewer - The revamped viewer’s cross-platform capability now extends to mobile browsers including Google Chrome 76+, Mozilla Firefox 68+ on Android, and Apple Safari 13.1+, Chrome 76+ on Apple iOS. The extended set of APIs, brought over from the desktop version, allows mobile users to load, edit, save, upload files, and capture images from the camera in a mobile browser.
  • Compiled New WASM Modules - The Dynamic Web TWAIN core modules were originally developed in C++ during the desktop workstation era. In order to accommodate the newly emerged mobile world, all the core modules have been compiled into their respective WASM counterparts. Also, the expansion to support mobile browser viewing also required the image encoding methods to adapt. Images that are sent to the viewer are JPG format by default unless:
    • The original image is requested, then PNG is used; or
    • If the image cannot be loaded as a JPG, such as a B&W image
    • JPG format can be easily processed in WASM programming and it’s much faster than the other formats.
  • Capability Negotiation with JSON - Some scanners have hundreds of settings and advanced capabilities to use, Dynamic Web TWAIN 16.0 brings a faster and more convenient way to negotiate these capabilities with the scanner.
  • Create A Viewless DWT Object - In a single-page application based on frameworks and libraries like Angular, Vue, and React, you might want to load the TWAIN control first and create the viewer component later on when you need it. Now with v16.0, you can achieve this.
  • Use Dynamic Web TWAIN Without Installing the Dynamsoft Service - Users would need to install the Dynamsoft service to enable scanner controls. This module accepts user operation commands from a JavaScript client. It listens on localhost and handles the interface with TWAIN and passes the response to the JavaScript layer. In the new version 16.0, a global API Dynamsoft.WebTwainEnv.UseLocalService is available for a desktop to control whether this service should be installed or not for the user. If not installed, users can still load images, edit, save locally, or upload to the server, they can even turn on the webcam to capture images. However, to acquire images from scanner devices, the Dynamsoft Service needs to be installed by leaving Dynamsoft.WebTwainEnv.UseLocalService to the default TRUE.
  • All methods can now be called asynchronously to fix a warning message that appears in the console when initializing the module. Although some can still be called synchronously, it’s discouraged as it may negatively affect the end user’s experience.
  • All properties are now cached in JavaScript until it’s necessary to connect to the service, this change results in fewer HTTP requests and faster response.
  • Add EnableSourceUI to open the DataSource UI and set things up without initiating a scan. And the settings can be saved for use next time without opening the UI again.
  • During loading, images in TIFFs & PDFs are decoded in JPGs if they are encoded this way originally, otherwise, they are encoded as PNGs. This modification fixes the issue of an occasional discrepancy between the original and the output files in some cases.
Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN

Ein TWAIN-Scanning-SDK für Web-Apps.

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