Integriert neue Quick Draw Tooling/Annotation-Funktionen.
November 11, 2020
Neue Version


  • Added support for Pe3do 3D Log scales in X Y Z for all plotting methods, annotations, and features, and Direct3D Pesgo 2D Log.
  • Added new Pe3do property: GridBandsPatching.
  • Added new Quick Draw Tooling/Annotation feature. This feature allows for a fully customized annotation layer to be constructed and displayed and hidden without overhead of reconstructing the underlying image.
  • New colored Cursor and line styled Cursor are also available as part of the new quick drawing feature.
  • The WPF interfaces have been improved to use the new colored and styled cursors by default.


Integriert Finanz-, Wissenschafts-, Technik- und Geschäftsgrafiken in Anwendungen.

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