TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X19 SP1

Verbessert Webeditoren, Textfilter und Tabellen.
Januar 27, 2021 - 15:52
Neue Version


  • Text filters
    • Bulleted list is not saved in DOCX format.
    • DOC import: Document causes 01-1D04 error.
    • Bullets are displayed as a box with question marks.
    • FormFields in fixed positioned TextFrames are not exported to PDF.
  • Web Editor
    • JS API: ParagraphFormat.setTabLeaders, ParagraphFormat.setTabPositions and ParagraphFormat.setTabTypes are broken.
    • Change case button inserts text when nothing is selected.
    • setBulletCharacter Method causes error.
    • Hyphenation in web editor only works when enabling spell check beforehand.
    • ListFormat property of ParagraphStyle missing in JavaScript API.
    • Web Editor: Multilevel list labels are swapped.
    • EnforceProtection does not open Password dialog.
  • Selection
    • RTF document with is not loaded correctly when using Selection.Load.
  • Styles
    • ParagraphFormat.BackColor and ParagraphFormat.FrameLineColor cannot be set.
  • Tables
    • When pasting a table with a nested table the nested table is lost.
  • Search and replace
    • When using an empty string with Replace all, the wrong feedback is given.
  • Ribbon
    • Web editor: Ribbon button is not toggled when clipboardMode changes automatically.
    • Web editor: Value of Horizontal ruler bar checkbox remains checked if value is changed via JavaScript.
  • Documentation
    • Selection.Save does not work for PDF.
  • Far East
    • Invalid path for images in DOCX with Chinese characters.
  • Other
    • System.StackOverflowException when using Find in ServerTextControl and TextControl.
TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET

TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET

Integrieren Sie leistungsstarke Textverarbeitungs- und Reporting-Funktionen in Ihre ASP.NET Core-, ASP.NET-, MVC- und Web Forms-Anwendungen.

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