QueryStorm 2.5.7923.20438

Integriert die Unterstützung für die Konfiguration von SSL in Postgres-Verbindungszeichenfolgen.
September 14, 2021 - 13:07
Neue Version


  • Added support for configuring SSL in Postgres connection strings.
  • When using [BindTable] the binder can now detect the table name based on the property type, if it is a table wrapper class (but not if it is Tabular).
  • SQL preprocessor now forbids illegal combinations of declarations (e.g. can only use {@tbl} in a handler but not in a function or query) and gives better error information.
  • Added a "netstandard.dll" reference into the default config file as many current NuGet packages rely on it.


Ein Excel-Plugin, das leistungsstarke Entwicklungs- und Datenverarbeitungsfunktionen in Microsoft Excel integriert.

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