DevExpress Office File API 23.1.5

Verbessert die Excel Export Library und Word Processing-Dokumenten-API.
September 5, 2023
Neue Version


Microsoft Excel Export Library

  • Export to XLSX - Hyperlink URI text is incorrectly encoded when creating a new XLSX document.

PDF Document API

  • ArgumentException is thrown on an attempt to save a specific PDF file.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when a second LTV signature is applied.
  • PdfDocumentProcessor:
    • 'Input data is not recognized as valid PDF' exception occurs on saving a document.
    • Emojis cannot be drawn using the PdfGraphics API.
    • StackOverflowException occurs on saving a document.
    • Memory is not released for a PDF file with zip compressed images.
  • PdfDocumentSigner - The SignerName property does not contain the certificate name when the signer's name is empty.

Spreadsheet Document API

  • An image cannot be inserted from the URI when SpreadsheetImageSource is used.
  • Spreadsheet - Font is lost when the sheet is copied to another workbook.
  • Workbook - Chart of the Column3DClustered type is loaded without data.

Word Processing Document API

  • A specific RTF document is incorrectly exported to the PDF/A format.
  • Paragraphs with the "Heading 1" style are not added in the Table of Contents after the table update.
  • RichEditControl - Watermark changes its position when a document is saved to DOCX.
  • RichEditDocumentServer:
    • A document with floating shapes have an incorrect layout.
    • A document with restrictions becomes editable after re-saving.
    • A QR image is blurry when exporting a document to PDF.
    • A watermark is not shown properly in non-windows systems.
    • An image remains locked when the Mail Merge operation is finished.
    • FindAll method returns an incorrect range when the result is positioned before a field.
    • Text Wrapping is changed when a document is saved.
    • The content of an in-line TextBox located in a table cell does not consider cell boundaries when a document is exported to PDF.
    • The InsertText method returns an incorrect range when using the range of Picture as a parameter.
  • RichEditDocumentServer incorrectly exports arrow shapes to PDF.
  • Table borders are misaligned in a specific document.
  • Text watermark is incorrectly rendered if the font is set to Arial.
DevExpress Office File API

DevExpress Office File API

Sie können jetzt Excel- und Word-Dateien lesen und schreiben, PDF-Dokumente erstellen und bearbeiten sowie Barcodes und komprimierte Archive generieren.

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