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Link to Document Column released

An easy and intuitive way to download files directly from SharePoint Columns.
Juli 21, 2011 - 9:40

Link to Document Column allows you to reference files and folders placed in a SharePoint Document Library and provides an easy and intuitive way to download them directly from the column. Use this column to provide a interface that allows users to browse to an object instead of typing a URL.


  • Lookup documents and folders from any Document Library in all sites within site collection     
  • Allows single and multiple selection     
  • Provides ability to edit link display text     
  • Filters by folder     
  • Filters by object type (Files and Folders, Folder only, Files only)     
  • Advanced tooltips
  • Displays file type icon in front of reference 

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ArtfulBits was established by enterprising Professionals with a strong IT background in March 2005. The company's development center is situated in Lviv, in the West of Ukraine and the representative office is placed in Czech Republic. ArtfulBits provides custom software development and IT outsourcing services for its clients from the USA, Canada and Europe. In December 2007 it employed over 60 highly qualified and talented IT specialists.

Downloading a file from a SharePoint column.

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