Astah GSN launched

Present the structure of GSN arguments for system assurance and dependability.
Juli 01, 2014 - 10:35

Astah GSN is a design tool for documenting arguments using Goal Structuring Notation (GSN). GSN is a graphical notation used to explicitly document and visualize the individual elements of arguments including goals, solutions, contexts and relationships. Astah GSN can display critical properties of systems and services and can be effectively used for Safety Cases.


  • SACM (Structured Assurance Case Metamodel) and ARM (Assurance Argument Metamodel) diagrams can be imported and exported.
  • Conforms to GSN Community Standard Version and OMG SACM standards.
  • GSN diagrams.
  • Mind Maps.
  • Print and print preview.
  • Export images into PNG, JPEG, EMF and SVG.
  • Copy and Paste to Microsoft Office tools.
  • XMI import and export in SACM/ARM formats.
  • Hyperlink support.

About Change Vision

Change Vision is a software development company based in Tokyo, Japan. By combining "MIERUKA" (A visualization method) with Agile software development principles and practices, they create innovative products and services.

A diagram created using Astah GSN.

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