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Dynamic-CD.Net for ASP.NET

An ASP.NET internet server for CDs, DVDs and USB-devices.

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Dynamic-CD.Net for ASP.NET

Dynamic-CD.Net provides the services you would expect from an ASP.NET Internet server - except it's on a CD/DVD/USB-stick. Dynamic-CD gives your CD processing power to display dynamic content with support for ASP.NET, password protection and databases.

Dynamic-CD.Net for Windows is an ASP.NET windows server that runs direct from CD, DVD or USB memory device, letting you distribute your web site on these media to your users. Based on the standard Microsoft ASP.NET engine, Dynamic-CD.Net is easy to set up and supports database access and encryption to protect file content.

The Dynamic-CD-Wizard Windows tool makes it easy to install the Dynamic-CD.Net runtime into a CD image, while configuring various options and password-protecting files. The...

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Dynamic-CD.Net released
Dynamic-CD.Net released
An easy way to put an ASP.NET Web site onto a CD, DVD or USB memory stick.
Each license only lasts a year, so Dynamic-CD-Wizard can only be used to produce CD images for one year from purchase; the produced CDs last forever. The Professional License has a range of options...
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