TeamCity Cloud 2022.10.x

Released: Oct 27, 2022

Updates in 2022.10.x


Updated Dec 1, 2022


  • Now supports custom SSL certificates for native Git.
  • Added support for NUnit console 3.16.


Updated Oct 27, 2022


  • Sakura UI
    • Sakura UI is now the default in this release - The Sakura UI is modern, beautiful and fast. Built with accessibility in mind, it has feature parity with the classic UI, and also brings many new unique capabilities.
  • Cloud Improvements
    • Easier and more secure management of AWS credentials - Added a new AWS credentials management system that issues temporary, short-lived AWS keys and exposes them in a safe way for your builds.
    • Terminal access to AWS EC2-based build agents - To improve the debugging experience of cloud CI/CD, the ability to open a secure terminal session to AWS EC2-based build agents directly from the TeamCity UI has been added - without the need to access the cloud provider’s management console or ask a busy DevOps team to set up network access lists and SSH key-pairs.
      • The availability of the feature is controlled by the “Open an interactive session to the agent” permission that is only enabled for server administrators by default but can be assigned to other users when needed.
    • Cloud agent maintenance mode - Added new maintenance mode. In this mode, TeamCity does not automatically terminate cloud agents after the build is finished, and they don’t get allocated for running new builds, allowing you to do the troubleshooting.
    • Managing cloud instances in a multi-server setup - Starting with this release, secondary nodes of TeamCity can start and stop cloud instances, providing uninterrupted operation of cloud-based CI during maintenance of a primary server.
  • Enhanced VCS Integrations
    • Perforce - This release comes with two improvements related to integration with Perforce tools:
      • Perforce Shelve Trigger now understands when a shelved changelist is related to a non-default stream and allows the build to be run on it.
      • TeamCity now detects changelists that have reviews in Perforce Helix Swarm and adds links to the respective review and change pages in Build Overview and Changes pages, respectively.
    • Support for refresh tokens in OAuth connections - TeamCity now uses short-lived OAuth tokens when working with GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud and Microsoft Azure DevOps, allowing you to create VCS roots without having to manually generate access tokens for these services.
  • Next-Level Security
    • Out-of-the-box HTTPS support - Added the ability to enable HTTPS for your TeamCity server. All you need to do is to upload a HTTPS certificate, or a certificate chain, in PEM format, and TeamCity will do the rest.
    • Restricted access tokens - You can now create temporary access tokens that will allow other people to log into TeamCity under your account, but with a limited scope of permissions, for example, with view-only access for one specific project. This can be useful in cases where you want someone to help you debug your pipeline, or when making a demo.
  • Authenticate using Your Google Account
    • To support more workflows and make the experience with TeamCity smoother, authentication using Google accounts is now supported.
    • When logging in with Google, TeamCity will instantly match the Google email with an existing TeamCity user, and log them in without having to enter a password.
    • It can also automatically create new profiles when new members join your team, provided that their email addresses belong to one of the domain names you specified.
  • Improved Disk Space Cleanup
    • The Free Disk Space build feature now keeps track of the size of artifacts and automatically calculates the disk space required for resolving artifact dependencies.
    • This makes the use of the build feature more straightforward, as you no longer have to know the size of the artifacts downloaded during the build, and the only thing you need to specify is the amount of disk space required for the build process itself.
  • Promotion of Personal Builds
    • Added the ability to promote personal builds. Builds that are triggered after the promotion also become personal builds.