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Komponenten / HTML5 / JavaScript / Intersoft Solutions Corp. - Bestseller

  1. Beschreibung: Add advanced grid functionality to your ASP.NET solutions. WebGrid Enterprise is a DataGrid component for ASP.NET Web development, with the feature of allowing the controls to collaborate with server resources without page postback whilst preserving the ... Lesen Sie mehr

  2. Beschreibung: Add calendars to your Web applications. WebCalendar is an ASP.NET calendar component that includes various view modes, customization, easy styling and more. The WebCalendar ViewMode property lets you choose between three views: Month, Quarter, and Year. ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Add hierarchical data binding to your data-bound components. ISDataSource.NET is a data source component for ASP.NET designed to extend the functionality offered by the data source control included with ASP.NET. ISDataSource.NET supports declarative ... Lesen Sie mehr

  4. Beschreibung: Add a stylish accordion control with various selectable styles to your Web applications. WebAccordion is a versatile accordion control that lets you configure the expand direction, end user interaction, includes rich themes, XHTML support, and more. The ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: A collection of advanced user interface controls to develop ASP.NET applications with the appearance and behavior of desktop applications. WebDesktop.NET offers innovative UI components for building advanced Web applications with desktop-concept user ... Lesen Sie mehr

  6. Beschreibung: Create a desktop environment that’s instantly familiar to Windows users. WebDesktopManager replaces text and image links with perfectly rendered icons. A single click opens windows, which can easily be moved and resized, automatically adjusting the ... Lesen Sie mehr

  7. Beschreibung: Add a desktop dialog box to your web applications. WebDialogBox is a dialog box component from Intersoft Solutions Corporation that delivers a true desktop experience. Use WebDialogBox in standalone mode or with WebDesktopManager. WebDialogBox offers a ... Lesen Sie mehr

  8. Beschreibung: Add Vista-style drag-and-drop behavior to your web applications. WebDragDropExtender control offers an easy implementation of rich Vista’s drag-and-drop capability, something previously difficult to implement and maintain. WebDragDropExtender delivers ... Lesen Sie mehr

  9. Beschreibung: Add an expandable container control to your ASP.NET Web applications. WebExpander is a multi-purpose expandable and collapsible container with many of features, such as: single or multiple expand behavior, XHTML support, themes, and more. With WebExpander ... Lesen Sie mehr

  10. Beschreibung: A memory-efficient ASP.NET file uploading component. WebFileUploader is a memory-efficient ASP.NET file uploading component that supports asynchronous multiple files upload without page refresh. Unlike standard ASP.NET file uploader, WebFileUploader ... Lesen Sie mehr